In December: “Smilovichi orphanage”

Posted: December 31, 2016 by Dobr9k in Smilovichi

For many people December is a month which is full of bright celebrations That’s why our team tried to make this time unusual for the orphans from Vileyka orphan school.
fpo_mw-6x98The first December Friday was devoted to sport. Older boys gathered a team of football players. It must be admitted that the teenagers play very well. They competed with Sergey Divokov’s team. Although students who were brought by Sergey are not professional players they are keen on football very much and attend trainings regularly.
The game finished up with friendly hugs and chocolate medals. img_9847The teenagers from Minsk got acquainted with the teenagers from Vileyka and talked to them. That was good time for making contacts. Unfortunately, not all of the football players from the orphan school could take part in the competition because of lack of time. But their new friends from Minsk promised to come again.
The game came out to be exciting because besides the sportsmen there were a lot of fans who actively took part in the process. They painted their faces and supported the teams from the stands.
img_9859We eventually watched the film ‘Coach Carter’ till the end. The children liked the film so we will surely discuss it next year.
December 16 became a great day for the children because Alla Smolyakova came and brought her wonderful crafts. This time the teenagers had to decoupage a Christmas cup. Each of them could choose a festive napkin for making a cup in an individual way. 3gpmfig1zcqWe tried to help everyone and thus become closer to them. The teenagers thoroughly followed Alla’s instructions and as a result everyone got a useful thing – a beautiful cup with a cover which can be used as a case for pencils or other small things.
During the crafts it is much easier to keep discipline and talk to the teenagers because they are so involved in the process. That’s why we also arranged a geographical quiz with sweet prizes.
img_9779At the same time smaller children got to know about the events which took place 2000 years ago. The real wise men came to them to share the Christmas story. As the real wise men they couldn’t come without gifts. The children were amazed by sweets, games and funny sketches.
However the main event is still coming. On December 28 the orphans who stay at school on holidays are going to visit oceanography museum, have dinner at church, do crafts and, of course, they watch a Christmas performance and get presents.
Let Christmas become a real holiday for the children from the orphan school too!!!

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