In January: “Vileyka orphanage”

Posted: February 5, 2017 by Dobr9k in Vileyka

The end of the year is always full of different things going.  Holiday hustle creates atmosphere of awaiting something kind and wonderful. Children from Vileyka boarding-school are not an exception. They are children.  img_8792Long-awaited holidays start at the end of December. It’s the time when many of children will see their Italian, Irish and some of them Belarusian parents.
Together with the team we tried to make a celebration for those who usually stay in school on new years’ time. We organized a trip to Minsk with a busy schedule.
So, let’s start from timg_8803he beginning.
Children from Vileyka boarding-school came to Minsk on 28 December 2016. The first thing in our schedule was visiting oceanography museum, where children could see and hear about underwater world and its inhabitants. After visiting this museum we went to our hospitable church “Bethlehem”. There was a workshop on making New Year’s cards organized for them. Children managed to make a present for their friends and teachers. After that we had a nice dinner in church. img_8767The culmination of the trip was a nativity play. It was as if Christmas heroes rose from the pages and became alive: angels with big wings, cruel Herod, modest Joseph and Mary, even angry soldiers were so real like never before. An hour and a half of the play went by as a moment. And finally – presents, dsc_0134real presents, mutual photo and warm saying good-bye. You can’t compare this blessed feeling of giving to anything in the world.
After a break, we met together on 8 January, when young adults form church “Golgotha” showed a puppet performance for the kids.  It was an exciting time when we talked about the meaning of Christmas. Little blue tits are afraid of a man, but happily enjoy their food with other birds.dsc_0150 And God came in a man disguise to become obvious and closer to every person. Our prayer is that Jesus would become obvious and close to children from Vileyka.dsc_0132
Our warm evening finished with presents from our overseas guests from Great Britain. Members of an International team “Teams4you” brought presents for kids in Europe and personally gave it to the children. Every kid in the assembly hall had a chance to practice his English as well.
20 January we started the second half-year of the current school year. Meeting, fellowship, games and eternal truths. Most of the teens were outside because the weather allowed to spend their time on the ice rink – it’s a big delight for children. Time went by for those who came to an assembly hall: we played together, communicated and found out about Samson. The second season of our meetings is officially opened!!!

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