In January: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: February 5, 2017 by Dobr9k in Belinichy

Love to one’s blood children is an undeserved gift from God. To love someone else’s child is a fruit of a humble but strong spirit grown by the long-suffering and hope in Him.img_9995 And God gives such love to the orphan children. Whatever it may sound like I am very happy that I can serve and love these small disobedient children who are in need of love.img_0148
Our trips to the Belynichy orphanage this month started with the Christmas performance in the end of which all kids received presents and surely were happy. During one of the first meetings with the smallest kids in the new 2017 year we decided to hold a small quiz over all the themes of the semester. I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that the kids are receiving and listening to our Bible lessons attentively, they were answering all our questions perfectly. img_0107We are discussing themes on the Old Testament with the smallest children, during one of the first meetings we had the theme “the histoy of Isaac, blessing of sons”. God gives us happiness of having family, saves us from loneliness, and presents us with wonderful children for whose sake we are ready to do anything. img_9894But precisely such God’s family full of joy and peace is a wonderful, the only unique place to warm, heal, strengthen and let all the abandoned, left alone, betrayed and condemned to loneliness  into this world. We know a lot about love and Christian principles, but every time I come to the orphanage to these kids I ask myself a question – can I love and give my love to children indeed?  I mean I count myself full of Christian love. And where is the love when I need to cocker, smother with kisses this thorny cold clot, who experienced no tenderness and care,img_0143 for whom it is so hard to believe that love actually exists. Will I have enough strengths, patience and wisdom to prove true love despite impudence and disobedience? I am learning this very kind of love during every meeting with the kids.img_0184
We had one more meeting with the theme “The History of Joseph” “The betrayal of brothers”. Family is the first small world to which each of us comes. Only after growing up and getting strong in it, having learnt the main and basic lessons and rules can a man with bravery and strength step into the big world full of dangers and impendences, tasks and trials. Can we tear the family out of our lives? Can we fill its place with anything else? And our country alone has tens of thousands children who turned out to be in this emptiness. Tens of thousands orphans…

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