In February: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: March 3, 2017 by Dobr9k in Belinichy

This month was very productive and interesting. There are three groups in the orphanage in Belinichy right now. We split our team in three groups and work with different ages.img_0501 The first group are the youngest kids, the second group is older, and the third group are teenagers.
The youngest have already learned about creation, Adam and Eve, Abel and Cain, Noah and how the tower of Babylon was built.img_0506
It inspires our group to see that the kids in spite of the special diagnoses are active during JDT time and a lot of them remember and can retell what they have learned before.
img_0673In the middle group the kids have learned about Moses, Egyptian curses and the life of God’s people in wilderness. After every lesson the kids have special tasks or crafts and they can do it very well.
The teenagers group had some lessons, where such questions as “ How to really value what you have “img_0658, “Everyone has got a talent”, “ Everything starts with idea” were discussed.
Some of the kids are school leavers this year. We decided to have a special lesson for them to understand the difference of being loved or attracted. img_0450We want the kids to build strong families in the future .
Every time when we get ready for the meeting with kids and are in the process of preparing all the materials, we understand that God really works in our hearts too. In general , this ministry for these kids helps you to understand who you are and if you are really ready to sacrifice your time and money and energy. It helps you to see if you are able to accept the others the way they are. While there, you understand how important every word or action can be. The kids see how you react to different situations. They read you as a book! We highly recommend everyone to go and serve such kids at least once a month and through this ministry God would change not only the kids’ hearts but also yours.

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