In March: “Vileyka orphanage”

Posted: March 31, 2017 by Dobr9k in Uncategorized

Why do I go to the Vileysky orphanage? There are many answers, but there are two main reasons: I love God and I love people. The children who were left by parents in an orphanage and Children of God, all of us can meet in the orphanage. When I look in their faces I see pain, loneliness, fear. And because of it there is a strong wish to tell them about God who is always near us. The one who will not betray. Sometimes we are just talking to children about their lives.
My group is not the oldest one, but they have very deep eyes. Christ has told that for those there is a Kingdom. I want that they would know Him, and He will enter to lives of each child and become their Father. They have sometimes a bad behavior (almost every time), but when you take their hand – you forgive all. Sometimes I even don’t know: who needs more this trips – they or me. We are changing together, together we learn about God, together we grow in some way. I know that they don’t remember a lot of things. However, I believe that what we have seeded will bear a fruit. There is only one truth: the word is a Christ. And He has risen.
I am always glad to be in this orphanage and I am glad for those children who are going with us. Perhaps, it is hardly noticeable ministry for all, but I believe that the sky smiles when we go to Vileyka. I understand that the great King is always with us and if He is with us, then all the rest isn’t so important.

  1. Yegor T. says:

    Great job! Well done! You have written everything right: orphan’s pain is God’s pain and therefore yes He is happy when you go to the orphanage and He goes with you and smiles with you. And yes you grow in this ministry because every time you step out of comfort zone to where God wants you to be God is walking besides you and gently teaching you in love.

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