In March: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: March 31, 2017 by Dobr9k in Belinichy

The ministry in Belynichi orphan school helps us to see how great our God is and be sure that the Bible is accessible to everyone! We have shared for many times that this orphan school is for kids who have mental and physical disabilities but it doesn’t prevent them from knowing God. It’s true that sometimes we have to make a lot of efforts to explain in a simple and understandable way some topic to the teenagers or a bible story to the smaller ones. But these efforts bring good fruit! All the glory is to God for this!
This March was exemplary in the way that we once again saw that diagnoses, the children’s age and their life stories are not hindrances to their knowing of God. It’s nice to hear how the children recall and tell us what they heard at the previous meeting a week ago! The older ones discussed such topics as ‘The importance of obedience’, ‘Sin and its consequences’, ‘Correction of mistakes’, ‘Following the crowd’. We wish so much that the children will realize how it is important to be obedient, to know how to control their behavior, respect their teachers who take care of them as the Bible teaches this. Sin is the problem urgent for everyone. We wanted to explain the children that each sin leads to sad consequences. But there is always a way out in repentance and forgiveness! And eventually the theme ‘Following the crowd’! Teenagers often live according to the motto: ‘I live the same as others live’. But more and more often this principle becomes destroying especially if we take orphans who are often influenced by people. This month this topic was very urgent! On March 13 we got very sad news. The graduate of Belynichi orphan school Dima by name died in the resuscitation… Dima was a lively, friendly and active boy. Our team remembers him looking neat, longing for being the first and always smiling. But 4 months ago he tried to commit suicide! Dima jumped out of the window from the fourth floor and got a lot of fractures, brain and spine injuries, then he lapsed into a coma and died… Dima’s motto was ‘Try everything in your life!!!’ It was what he talked a lot about at our last meeting. This young man really tried a lot of things. And his life ended so sadly. A lot of thoughts were in my mind ‘Did we tell him everything that we had to?’, ‘Did we pay enough attention to him?’, ‘Our team and teachers from orphan school talked to him a lot, so how could this happen?’ We don’t know for sure what thoughts were in his head at that moment but I know one thing exactly – we must do our best to prevent other teenagers from making such decisions in spite of hardships in their lives! Dima’s death is one more challenge for us! Now we continue our orphan ministry with even more eagerness and desire because we want to acquaint them with the living God who is able to heal all the wounds and give real freedom from sin!

  1. Yegor T. says:

    Очень печальная новость о том что мальчик Дима умер через 4 месяца после попытки самоубийства. Скорблю…. :((((((((
    Но это ещё одно напоминание о том насколько важно то что вы делаете! Это вопрос жизни и смерти! Держитесь! Продолжайте ваш тяжелый и такой нужный для сирот и такой важный для Бога труд. Молюсь за вас каждый день…

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