In March: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: March 31, 2017 by Dobr9k in Rudensk

Hello everybody!
We continue visiting Rudensky boarding school.
For a long time, in the boarding school, we hold meetings with one of the younger groups and with older guys. For the younger group we conduct engaging lessons with the stories of the Old Testament using lots of illustrations. This month, we told and showed the lessons of the tower of Babel, told about Abraham , Lot and his family, and about the situation in the desert with Ishmael and Hagar. We are glad that they are able to analyze on their children level, they do remember the lessons and do practical conclusions. At the end of lesson we often ask questions to consolidate the material, and they answer questions in simple words.
With the seniors group we spoke on a few topics. One of the topics was about sin. Guys always carefully listen to the stories of real people and their examples. We showed examples from the lives of graduates, the consequences of wrong decisions and sin. Unwanted pregnancy is a waste of money, poor health, suicide. Such examples allow children to understand the importance of proper life, the life without sin. At the meeting, which was devoted to the international women’s day, we told the children about the origins of this holiday and talked to them about how important it is to appreciate our beautiful ladies. One evening, we talked with the guys, on the subject of correcting their mistakes. All the people often make mistakes, and they need to fix it. And the example of the prodigal son, we looked at how to behave when an error has already been committed, but not yet fixed.
Once we held relay races, where all tasks were carried out with bananas. It was a very fun time when guys could just relax and enjoy the fellowship with us in the form of a game. And, of course, to eat delicious bananas.
At the last meeting of the month we had a bachelor party and a bachelorette party. We talked with the guys about the ability to manage your money. Some of the guys who come to us, after a few months will graduate, and they will have to cope with their problems, including financial. How to prevent financial collapse and earn money – these are the questions we discussed with the guys. We are glad that we have the ability to communicate with children, to teach them something useful and tell them about God.

  1. Yegor T. says:

    Вы – молодцы! Видно что дети очень рады встречам с вами! Бог видит и очень ценит ваш труд, потому что вы исполняете Его заповедь посещая и заботясь о сиротах.

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