In May: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: May 31, 2017 by Dobr9k in Rudensk

May is always a joyful and a little bit sad month at the same time. It is joyful because it gets warmer,

nature comes to life and everyone looks forward to summer. But it is sad because senior students graduate from the orphan school and leave it forever. On the one hand we are happy that they say goodbye to their school but on the other hand we have to say goodbye to them. We maintain relations with many orphans after their graduation but there are the children that we won’t see anymore. We can just hope and believe that they will find a church in the places they go to study and work and will continue to build up relationships with God.

This month we introduced God’s qualities to the older ones. They learnt what the following truths mean: ‘God is Light’, ‘God is the Bread of Life’, ‘God id the Way’. Why did we take such topics? We want the children to know how unique and great our God is and how much He can do in the heart of a person who let Him enter his or her heart. Besides, we arranged boys’ and girls’ time. We spoke about the importance of keeping pure with the girls again. And we spoke about tattoos and their origin and read what the Bible said about them. One of meetings was arranged in the form of the relay race. The children in Rudensk orphan school are keen on sport, so such an activity is a good opportunity for spending time not only with the children who come to our meetings but also with those who don’t come to us.

Smaller children usually have their own program. Besides a bible lesson they watch Christian cartoons, draw, do crafts and play. This month we met new biblical characters and their life stories: ‘Joseph’, ‘Samson’, ‘Ruth’ and ‘Samuel and Elijah’. It’s great that these children perceive bible lessons very well and react emotionally when they see injustice, danger, betrayal and when they see God’s miracles that took place in our characters’ lives. We believe that in spite of their mental and physical disabilities these children will hear the truth and one day they let God in their hearts!

We have four more meetings with the children in this study year. After that the graduates will leave their orphan school forever and the rest of the children will go to state camps till the end of summer. We ask our readers to pray for the children not to forget the truths they have heard during the school year.

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