In May: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: June 2, 2017 by Dobr9k in Belinichy

Another month of our ministry in Belynichi orphanage has come to an end. All of the planned meetings with the kids were held and each meeting was filled with a special atmosphere. We have already succeeded in building good relationships with most of the children who visit our events, but there are yet some of them with whom we still need to create good friendship.
Together with the elder kids we have completed a series of themes dedicated to the qualities of God. In my opinion, the themes were rather relevant for children, as we were talking about our Creator. From our side we wanted to teach them to be like God, not only expect their friends to display those qualities, but to do it themselves always. We touched on such themes as: “God is light”, “God is the way”, “God is bread“. We also held relay races with elder kids this month. Children are thrilled and excited about such events. During relay races they pour out their different emotions, and physical exercise is always good for them.
Younger children and middle classes were going through the Old Testament themes: “Ruth”, “David”. The Puppet Theatre visited children this month, which also brought them a lot of joy, they always meet new people warmly and gladly. During lessons children try to behave themselves. You can tell by the expression of their eyes with what interest they are listening; they love to participate in the course of the lesson and answer the questions vying with each other. 
This suggests that the kids understand and embrace information. Roma was a special joy of mine this month, he knows very well how to behave in the right way and what sin and bad actions are. During a lesson he happens to push a friend or call someone names. And after that he remembers “Ah, this is not right” and always tries to ask for forgiveness and doesn’t repeat those bad things at least till the end of the lesson. I told about it because here I also see changes. Previously I saw that after doing something bad or harmful they would just laugh, but now they understand that this is bad and try to change. It is a joy to see each small victory and transformation in the behavior of the children.

  1. Yegor T. says:

    Очень радостно слышать, что Слово Божье через ваше служение положительно меняет детей! Слава Богу!

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