In May: “Vileyka orphanage”

Posted: June 10, 2017 by Dobr9k in Vileyka

May is the finishing month of our visits this school year. And this is the time when so long-awaited warm weather comes, the days become longer, and children have more time to spend on fresh air. But it doesn’t intervene with our plans.We spent time on the sport’s ground with older children instead of doing proper organized meeting, we shared about what was happening in our lives and our plans for the upcoming summer. It’s easier for many people to communicate and share in an informal atmosphere.
Even though it’s the end of the school year, we still have people joining in, and we are glad it’s happening. One of them is Yuliya, she is from a church “Blagovestie” in Minsk. She’s quite experienced in counselling and she interacts with older girls. I must admit, the girls themselves got close to her and look forward to every meeting.
I should also mention that the translator of our reports Julia decided to join our Friday orphan’s ministry after she had spent a week with the Irish team in the orphanage. During that Irish camp, she made many friends among kids who keep in touch with her through the internet, take pictures with her, have fun and post it on social media. Building relationships with kids is one the main goals of our ministry. So when it happens we are extremely happy.
On the 12 May, Dima came to visit the children. As always, he explained the topic of gossip in an understandable form for the kids. Kids live in the atmosphere of forced interaction so different conflicts appear because of gossips, misunderstandings and jealousy. Children were listening attentively to the answers to serious life questions and took part in discussions. We believe they made important decisions for themselves.
One of our leaders, Roma can’t always make it with us to the orphanage. He managed to come on one of the Fridays and it made children happy as well as Roma himself.
Many children lack love during the school year and as a result they behave aggressively, hiding their vulnerability. The best remedy from that is the healing truth about God’s love. If a person knows that he is loved, he wants to love back. That was the main idea for the discussion Roma had with kids from Vileyka boarding-school.
By the way, we organized a photo shoot for the graduates this year and that made children happy as well as the teachers. Afterwards we are going to present albums for them which will keep the atmosphere of school years and the warmth of friendships. Many pictures are already in their social accounts.

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