In June: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: July 25, 2017 by Dobr9k in Rudensk

Greetings, dear readers! Finally, the long-awaited summer came. We believe that it is possible to do good, serve God and bring glory to God the Father. We thank you, friends, who serve and pray for us. We believe that together with you we can change the destinies of children.
The last bell rang, and the children in the boarding schools are now on vacation, and the graduates of the boarding schools are preparing for the exams.
Today I want to tell you about one teenager. His name is Vlad. This young man has been visiting us for the past three years. We see how much the Lord has influenced his faith through our visits. But approaching the graduation, we see that fear appears in his eyes. Every time we go from a boarding school, I pray that the Father will keep him. Vlad was born in a dysfunctional family, and he has several brothers and sisters. The children in this family follow the pattern of their parents’ lives, and unfortunately, the life of children in this family does not change. Therefore, I wish Vlad to succeed in this life. Vlad is open-minded, trustful, very modest, hardworking and sympathetic. Now it’s time to take exams and graduate from a boarding school. I would like to ask you to pray together with us, that Vlad, who has already prayed the prayer of repentance, will not fall away from God and His love.
This month, when we visited the Ruden boarding school, we told the children how important it is to have peace with God, despite the fact that soon some of the children will have a lot of freedom after they finish their studies at the orphanage. We said that through having peace with God, we gain confidence in the future. We also talked about faithfulness. Faithfulness in dealing with people, and faithfulness in the relationship with God. At theses meetings, we showed the faithfulness and love of God. The graduates are often betrayed and they get disappointed. That’s why we wished to remind them of the faithfulness of God, to encourage them to stay faithful to God in spite of the leaving the orphanage.
We also talked about freedom from sin. We believe that it is the Lord who can give freedom from sin, fears, and curses. The children in the boarding schools are in great need of peace, faithfulness and freedom.
We believe that by talking to the children on current topics and spending the time with them and praying for orphans, their lives will be changed. Let ‘s pray that the Lord will keep the children on the vacation, and that the word of God will work in their hearts.

  1. Yegor says:

    Вот и ещё один год вы отволонтёрили в Руденском интренате для сирот! Молодцы!!!
    И уже видны ещё один плод ваших трудов – парень Влад, который вырос в этом интернате, закончил обучение и теперь выходит в взрослую жизнь. На самое главное, что он выходит в эту жизнь не один – рядом с ним идёт Иисус Христос, к которому Влад пришёл благодаря вашим стараниям и вашему труду. Жизнь без добрых, заботливых земных родителей поначалу будет очень тяжела для Валада, поэтому я вместе вами молюсь о нём, чтобы Госоподь дал ему дополнительную, сверх обычной нормы, чевство Своего Присутствия, защиту, утешение, подбодрение, одним словом – благодать. Молюсь также чтобы Влад ходил в местную церковь, где он бы нашёл духовных братьев и сёстер, которые бы его поддерживали в это тяжелое для него время!
    Даже в интернатах, несмотря на тяжелые испытания, благодаря вашему треду, сироты приходят к спасительной вере в Иисуса Христа! Ваш труд приносит огромный плод! Вы – молодцы!
    Слава Богу за Его спасение, которе Он дал нам в Сыне Своем Иисусе Христе!

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