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In September: “Vileyka orphanage”

Posted: October 8, 2017 by Dobr9k in Vileyka

Autumn came unexpectedly as usual. We were starting a new season a bit anxiously: new school year, new rules in the educational establishment. But all our assumptions were gone once we talked on the phone with one of the deputies of Vileyka boarding school and heard they are all looking forward to seeing us again. So our first visit was on 8th September 2017. Surely, we wanted to make it special.
By the way, the number of volunteers went up this year. Some people are responsible for the 2,3,4 grades and for the group of teenagers, another part of the team are the ones who help. We’ve planned a big day out in Minsk during autumn holidays and we will organize a real Thanksgiving day in October. Thursday is our prayer day, so we try to remember and pray about our needs that are posted in our ministry chat.
All of us were surrounded by the crowd of children who missed us so much: so many pictures and hugs. We gathered everybody – kids, teachers, mentors in the hall and spent an amazing time together, in spite of different ages and interests. We sang songs, played, we showed a little play, shared sweet prizes, talked about the hero of present time – Nick Vujicic. Children were full of excitement and joy, you could see it in their eyes, and no wonder, it all was happening for them and for the glory of Jesus.
Some of the graduates of the school told us they would like to join us on our trips to the orphanage. One of them is Sasha Gonorovitch, he lives in Minsk now but misses Vileyka a lot. He found us and all the information he needed and went to Vileyka. He loved the atmosphere and acceptance in the team so much that he decided to go to Vileyka every Friday.
The following week our surprises for the kids were still in our plans. Some members of our church were so embraced by the thoughts about kids and their needs that they decided to bring them watermelons. So the boot of our bus was filled with these big berries, and kids in return filled us with joy and gratefulness in their eyes.
School administration asked us to help them to buy a new tent and a bbq set. Children love going camping, you see, it’s nature, games and most importantly FREEDOM. We announced this need at one of our morning services. We managed to collect the right amount and in the nearest time it will be sent to school. This is an opportunity for us to participate in the lives of children and to build even closer relationships with the administration. It’s not a secret, we need “open” doors.

In September: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: October 4, 2017 by Dobr9k in Rudensk

There has come a new academic year, and we have started the service at orphanage school in Rudensk. During summer, younger children have strongly grown up, and graduates left school and went to study to other cities. At the meetings there were many new children with whom we are going to meet during this year. This academic year we have decided to begin with stories about people from the Old Testament. Lessons were very practical because the characters in stories were very bright.
Just at the beginning we have told children Cain and Abel’s story. This time we considered more deeply the character of Abel who has lived the most usual, not very special and short life, at first sight. But, despite of it Abel became the winner because he lost terrestrial, but he has got eternal life with God as he was always faithful to the Heavenly Father. The following hero was Noah. We told about his obedience and God’s promise not to destroy the earth by flood ever. Noah was very obedient to God in spite of the fact that the whole world laughed at him. His firmness and patience became a good example for children.
We had three meetings dedicated to Abraham! We told about how he had obeyed God and how God had blessed him. Children tried to imagine the number of stars in the sky, and then imagined that they can receive all these blessings of Abraham in Christ.
Besides we told a story about fidelity and devotion of Abraham when he had, perhaps, the most difficult choice in his life … “God will discern – God said when Isaak had been saved “. God will discern – it was our advice to children for the next week and for all life!
Younger children have meetings separate from older children. The main hero of this month was a shepherd David who had a kind heart. He could win not only a furious lion and a bear, but also and Goliath who kept the people in God’s awe for a long time. He could do this because he was faithful and he trusted to God!
We are very glad that we have had an opportunity to communicate with children this month. Thanks to all who care for our service prayerfully and financially! The Lord will bless you!

In September: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: October 2, 2017 by Dobr9k in Belinichy

September is the beginning of a school year in our country and the beginning of the season for our ministry. This month we especially miss those who graduated and left the school, because we have known some of them from the beginning and we watched them growing up. They became so dear to us.
Beside that, September is special because we get to know the children who just started coming to our meetings. We are so full of hope that we will become older brothers and sisters for them or at least good friends who will be able to reach them with love that was once revealed to us by God!
For now, we have decided to introduce both older and younger children to main characters in the Bible and tell them about heroes of faith. This month, older children got to know the story about Cain and Abel, Noah, Abraham and Sarah. Every story was accompanied with a practical example that was showing how important it is to be obedient, be faithful, and most of all to trust God. Apart from bible stories, we have sung a lot and played different games.
There are new kids in the school who have been brought from other orphanages this month. So we try to spend more personal time with them, it’s obvious that it’s difficult for them to get used to a new place, new people, and some children from this orphanage don’t accept new ones.
Together with younger kids, we continue our series that we started last year. We dedicated this month to a biblical character – David. Children were so impressed that this character was an ordinary shepherd and managed to become a king because of his kind heart and his love to God.
There are new kids among young ones and we can see they are getting accustomed to a new atmosphere quicker and others joyfully accept them. I’d like to mention 2 new boys – Andrey and Vanya. Surprisingly enough, they are so creative and artistic despite their mental and physical disabilities! At the end of each lesson, we ask every child for a feedback. Andrey and Vanya were the most active and with each answer, they tried to copy a biblical character with their voices, intonation and facial expressions. Moreover, they used quite complicated, emotionally colored expressions! I’m so delighted that God gave me this chance to meet and get to know these wonderful children! I hope we will be friends!