In September: “Vileyka orphanage”

Posted: October 8, 2017 by Dobr9k in Vileyka

Autumn came unexpectedly as usual. We were starting a new season a bit anxiously: new school year, new rules in the educational establishment. But all our assumptions were gone once we talked on the phone with one of the deputies of Vileyka boarding school and heard they are all looking forward to seeing us again. So our first visit was on 8th September 2017. Surely, we wanted to make it special.
By the way, the number of volunteers went up this year. Some people are responsible for the 2,3,4 grades and for the group of teenagers, another part of the team are the ones who help. We’ve planned a big day out in Minsk during autumn holidays and we will organize a real Thanksgiving day in October. Thursday is our prayer day, so we try to remember and pray about our needs that are posted in our ministry chat.
All of us were surrounded by the crowd of children who missed us so much: so many pictures and hugs. We gathered everybody – kids, teachers, mentors in the hall and spent an amazing time together, in spite of different ages and interests. We sang songs, played, we showed a little play, shared sweet prizes, talked about the hero of present time – Nick Vujicic. Children were full of excitement and joy, you could see it in their eyes, and no wonder, it all was happening for them and for the glory of Jesus.
Some of the graduates of the school told us they would like to join us on our trips to the orphanage. One of them is Sasha Gonorovitch, he lives in Minsk now but misses Vileyka a lot. He found us and all the information he needed and went to Vileyka. He loved the atmosphere and acceptance in the team so much that he decided to go to Vileyka every Friday.
The following week our surprises for the kids were still in our plans. Some members of our church were so embraced by the thoughts about kids and their needs that they decided to bring them watermelons. So the boot of our bus was filled with these big berries, and kids in return filled us with joy and gratefulness in their eyes.
School administration asked us to help them to buy a new tent and a bbq set. Children love going camping, you see, it’s nature, games and most importantly FREEDOM. We announced this need at one of our morning services. We managed to collect the right amount and in the nearest time it will be sent to school. This is an opportunity for us to participate in the lives of children and to build even closer relationships with the administration. It’s not a secret, we need “open” doors.

  1. Yegor says:

    Очень рад слышать что вы решили посвятить себя продолжению исполнения заповеди Нашего Небесного Отца о посещении сирот в их скорбях ещё на один год! Молодцы!!! Слава Богу!
    Очень рад слышать что количество волонтёров увеличилось!!! Что есть больше желающих заботиться о сиротах! Прекрасная новость!!! Слава Богу!
    Очень рад слышать что сироты очень сильно обрадовались вашему возвращению в новом учебном году!!! Это означает что они вас очень любят! Слава Богу!
    Очень рад слышать что вся ваша церковь прониклась желанием помочь сиротам и купили им и арбузы и палатку и барбикюшницу! Молодцы! Слава Богу!
    Молодцы!!! Слава Богу!!!
    Очень рад видеть Васю Сурганова на фотографиях! Прекрасный парень! Передавайте ему огромный привет. Что-то его не видно на последних фотографиях – надеюсь с ним всё в порядке.

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