In October: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: November 3, 2017 by Dobr9k in Belinichy

Every week we go 300 km to meet up with the children in Belynichi boarding school. As soon as we reach the school, we can see joyful children running towards us, knocking on the windows, waving at us. They are telling us how their week went by, hugging, smiling. In return, we try to listen to them, support them and share our news. We speak about bible characters at our meetings. This month we have talked about Joseph’s life, who was betrayed, was lonely and disappointed. But God lifted him up in His timing, because Joseph loved God and stayed faithful to Him. We wish this time with kids would not be spent in vain, that the kids will make the right choices every day.
Somebody comes and listens to God’s Word at our meetings, somebody stays in his room and do his own things, somebody plays football. But there also children who is looking for friendship, support and comfort and are open to get to know God. We do keep in touch with everybody who wants during the week, we call or text each other, so it’s the friendship that exists only within school walls.
There is a new girl among younger kids, her name is Kira. She’s very sociable, open and joyful girl. Most of all, what really makes us happy is that she does well at remembering what we have been talking about at our meetings. She took the first place in answering our questions at the meeting when we did a revision on all previous topics. She would have needed just a quick review that we do after each meeting to remember everything we talked about. Other kids did well too! Somebody remembers bible stories, somebody sings beautifully, somebody takes prizes in different quizzes and competitions, somebody is a good example of obedience and good behavior during our meetings.
Praise God for these wonderful and talented children! This month we have finished the talks about David’s life and got to know a wise king Solomon. I hope, these examples of bible characters will help children to make the right choices related to their lives!
Thanks to everybody who takes part in the ministry for the orphans in our wonderful country! May God bless you!

  1. Yegor says:

    Я очень рад что вы продолжаете каждую неделю регулярно верно приезжать навещать сирот! Вы – молодцы! Я очень рад слышать что сироты каждый раз, когда вы приезжаете к ним, радостно бешут вас встречать! Это означает что они любят вас! Я очень рад слышать что вы предоставляете детям возможность общаться с вами не только во время ваших посещений, но и даете им вашу контактную информацию для того что бы они могли звонить вам в любое время – это очень хорошо, потому что вы сможете прийти им на помощь в любую минуту, если им нужна будет помощь! Я очень рад слышать что у вас на занятиях появилась девочка Кира, которая очень внимательно слушает и хорошо запаминает ваши Библейские уроки! Слава Богу! Огромное спасибо за ваше благсловление! Я знаю что молитвы имеют огромную силу и поэтому я очень ценю ваши молитвы!

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