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In October: “Vileyka orphanage”

Posted: November 3, 2017 by Dobr9k in Vileyka

It is well known that autumn is the time of harvest and thanksgiving. Traditionally, there are celebrations in churches at Sunday services where people thank God for the abundant harvest, which is not just connected with the appearing of different fruit or vegetables, but it raises us spiritually. Our team had an idea to make the truest Thanksgiving Day in the orphanage. Thankfulness is a quality you need to learn from the earliest years of your life. We wish the orphans would learn not to take for granted the help from teachers, foreigners, each other and finally our meetings, despite of their hard lives.
So, on the 13 of October we prepared for the Thanksgiving Day in the orphanage. Looking back at our experiences, we decided not to gather all children at once. We divided them into 2 big groups: younger and older children.
At the beginning, there was a part for those from primary school. We played games, sang songs with actions. Children were especially keen on rhymed riddles about vegetables and fruit. You can not stay indifferent to what’s happening around you if there is a chance to win a sweet prize. Even teachers helped kids to win and get those sweets.
Children were watching the little play we put on that was informative but at the same time, it was fun. So-called “baptists” as children call us, in one moment turned into a sailor, a neighbor, a friend and even in to a grandma. After that, Misha Tishkevich shared about the meaning of that play. Every one of us has thousands reasons to be thankful for. Ungratefulness makes us blind and prevents us from moving forward and developing.
Older children also watched this play and got a practical advice to start a journal of things they are thankful for and to write down those things every day, even one little thing that makes them grateful.
They had a chance to get a prize that was starting from the letters in the word “THANKFULNESS”. If they named the thing that was in a bag correctly then they were able to take that thing. It was a lot of fun!
We prepared The Tree of Thanks for every team at the end of celebration. Children wrote down on little pieces of paper what they were thankful to God for. Here is some of things they wrote down.
I’m thankful to God for:
– For the life, for my dear dad
– for the game
– for the freckles
– for health
– for love
– for bread
– for friends
– that God helps me to be successful
– for the help for God
– that I was born
– for my sister
– for the apple
– our friends who come visit us
– that my brother and relatives found me.

Everybody got a juicy apple at the end. It’s a special joy for the team – to hear the words of children’s thankfulness addressed to us. Praise God for Hos work!

In October: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: November 3, 2017 by Dobr9k in Rudensk

We are grateful that God gives us an opportunity to make the God’s kingdom on this earth! This month, every week we were going to the Rudensk orphanage. The autumn time itself pushes children on thoughts about life. It is so pleasant to speak with children about belief, God and also how to build their life. Not all of the children who have left the orphanage this year have settled well in their life. Having such examples, we see that children have a question: “What do I need to change in my life not to have the same destiny as my parents?!” Joseph’s example is a powerful tool, which helps to understand that the orphans can also have a good life, having close relations with God. We often hear from children that nobody needs them and everyone reminds them that they will be the same as their parents (alcoholics, drug addicts, etc.).
In this world, to very big regret, there is an opinion that if you are an orphan – you are the loser! However, it is sad as well as the fact that children trust in it and since their childhood, they expect from people and from life only the worst. But we want to change it in children’s life, we want them to have a set of victories, true friends and strong families. We know that based on the Bible principles, we will be able to see it in the future! Joseph is a right image of the teenager who was taken away from home, who had had betrayed and left alone. Meeting this bible hero, almost every child remembers how parents betrayed him or her and how he or she was taken away from home by special security services. The pain that Joseph had is the same pain, which is muffled by children, gathering and telling each other about their life before the life in the orphanage. When Joseph was betrayed by close people, he felt pain and loneliness. But the Lord has helped him to go throw all those difficulties and He has even ennobled him because Joseph has entrusted God his life.
The Lord opens for our team what topics will be relevant for the children in this period of time through planning. We believe that God shows us the most important topics for the children. Responding to the orphans’ needs, we give the healing of their hearts that is hidden in the Word of God.
We thank God for an opportunity to minister the children – to orphans of our country; many children need a consolation and the truth that God loves them. For this reason, we need your prayers and your support!

In October: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: November 3, 2017 by Dobr9k in Belinichy

Every week we go 300 km to meet up with the children in Belynichi boarding school. As soon as we reach the school, we can see joyful children running towards us, knocking on the windows, waving at us. They are telling us how their week went by, hugging, smiling. In return, we try to listen to them, support them and share our news. We speak about bible characters at our meetings. This month we have talked about Joseph’s life, who was betrayed, was lonely and disappointed. But God lifted him up in His timing, because Joseph loved God and stayed faithful to Him. We wish this time with kids would not be spent in vain, that the kids will make the right choices every day.
Somebody comes and listens to God’s Word at our meetings, somebody stays in his room and do his own things, somebody plays football. But there also children who is looking for friendship, support and comfort and are open to get to know God. We do keep in touch with everybody who wants during the week, we call or text each other, so it’s the friendship that exists only within school walls.
There is a new girl among younger kids, her name is Kira. She’s very sociable, open and joyful girl. Most of all, what really makes us happy is that she does well at remembering what we have been talking about at our meetings. She took the first place in answering our questions at the meeting when we did a revision on all previous topics. She would have needed just a quick review that we do after each meeting to remember everything we talked about. Other kids did well too! Somebody remembers bible stories, somebody sings beautifully, somebody takes prizes in different quizzes and competitions, somebody is a good example of obedience and good behavior during our meetings.
Praise God for these wonderful and talented children! This month we have finished the talks about David’s life and got to know a wise king Solomon. I hope, these examples of bible characters will help children to make the right choices related to their lives!
Thanks to everybody who takes part in the ministry for the orphans in our wonderful country! May God bless you!