In December: “Smilovichi orphanage”

Posted: December 31, 2017 by Dobr9k in Smilovichi

We continue visiting our children in Smilovichi social center. During this time, they have become very dear and close to us. Despite the fact that children often come and go God does His miracles and they open their hearts and we become close to each other.

At this moment, there are two children in the social center. They are two girls. We are surely happy about this. It means that there are less children here and more children are at home with their families. At first, the girls were very shy. They did not want to come to us and were reserved. Now they are more open. They play with us, listen to our bible stories and even sing with us. The girls know little about God. So we are glad to have an opportunity to tell them about God and His love for them and get to know them better.

This month we have told the girls about God’s character. They have already known that God is holly and righteous and that He is a Creator. When we were telling them that God created them, they could learn an amazing story of the creation of the world. It turned out that the girls heard that God made Earth and everything on it for the first time in their life! I especially like and remember the meeting where we were speaking that God is love. I appreciated the example that one of the girls gave when we asked them to tell us whether they had seen the evidence of God’s love in their lives. She said that once she had felt very bad and asked God to help her in her hard situation. So God heard her! That moment in her life became for her great evidence that God is real and He loves her! We are glad that these girls do not lose faith in spite of hardships in their lives. We are happy that we can speak the same language with them but it is not always easy. Every person in our team understands that it does not go to us but ti God! We couldn’t do anything without Him!


  1. Yegor says:

    Well done! The children hear The Truth – they hear that there is God, Who created the Heaven and the Earth and that He loves them and listens to their prayers! It is going to help them so much in their hard situations. And yes – Glory to God Who is changing their hearts! But He is doing it through your work!

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