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In January: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: January 31, 2018 by Dobr9k in Belinichy

January is a very special month for children, and not many of them were visited Italy. This month still special so that the children are having more attention from outside the orphanage and, of course, because a lot of presents. I can not select, that, with all this, connects their good mood and goodwill to us, and also beacuse of the eve of the camp. The camp time are always accompany more closes and friendly rellationships. Exactly thats why this month were that special and children were all especially happy. I would like to accent a youngest group, watching after them, I saw some changes in their behavior, they’ve become more attentive and more obedient. The children in the group were all very different, some of them are more smart and some of them were more responsive to assimilate all the information we gave to them. But what especially surprised me is how they care about the younger and in general the children have a heightened sensitivity to those who need help or protection. Why? Because often you can see how people are quarrel and showdown with each other. This past month we told a lot of children Bible stories about: “Jeasus childhood”, ” How Jeasus chose His disciples”, “King’s servant son healing” and ect.

Children knew very good story about Jeasus Birth, and didnt payed much attention in listening it, but, very actively answered the questions. And another special thing was how theese guys, each of them, were ready and willing to play every game and loved when some of us asked for their help. The teenager group had themes like: “Samson”, “Ann’s prayers”.. As I wrote upper, this month we’ve been visiting them not just for fun time and lessons, but also we brought them to see the Christmas play and some Christmas presents.

In January: “Smilovichi orphanage”

Posted: January 31, 2018 by Dobr9k in Smilovichi

Good day! Christmas and New Year celebrations are over. We already visited Smilovichie orphanage. Since the beginning of the year, the number of children there decreased. It is a good sign, as it means that many children finally find their homes. There always were at least 1-2 kids at our meetings. It’s a different communication compared to a big group. Here you can get a response from the kid straight away; you can communicate and have a real discussion on different topics. At our first meeting after holidays we talked about God is love. You do not see the shadow of the light from the match on the wall because it is light already, same with God, He is the light and He sees us all from inside. Even though there was only one kid, we could talk about the meaning of our lives and about what God did for our salvation.
At the second meeting, we talked about God as the One who is present everywhere. There were two kids and we could share from our own lives about God, who keeps everything under His control. We shared our testimonies about God’s guidance and asked them if they would like to trust their lives into God’s hands. This month we talked about God again. We talked about God as Bread for our souls, that we could feed and nourish our souls from His unending love and mercy. We shared some stories, where we showed how God cares about us every day. At the end of the month, we did some crafts. Kids themselves could do beautiful notebooks. They used different decorations to make it what they wanted. They got great results. Thanks to everyone who remembers and cares about us. May God bless you!

In January: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: January 31, 2018 by Dobr9k in Rudensk

The brightest and the most exciting event of this month for the children in Rudensk orphanage became Christmas performance! The program was very fascinating and spectacular but the best thing about it is that the children could hear and see the real sense of Christ’s birth through the characters on stage once again. At the end of the performance, every child got a long-awaited Christmas present. Every year we share how programs and performances went on in different orphanages and how the children enjoyed presents. At first sight, it may seem usual and habitual. However, in reality every year each child manages to give us new impressions in a special way! It is impossible to express how joyful children’s faces are when they get presents even if they take a small and simple toy out of the box. Shining eyes, a big and sincere smile and words of gratitude from the children are the reasons for giving thanks to our Heavenly Father! We are grateful to God for this wonderful time!
All further meetings at the orphanage went through in a familiar way both for us and for the children. In spite of this, these meetings were marked by friendly atmosphere, Christmas recollections and the children’s stories about their presents. The older ones managed to be acquainted with some biblical stories from the Old Testament: ‘The story of Samson’, ‘The story of Ruth’ and ‘The story of Hannah and Samuel’. When we spoke about Samson, we gave them possibility to compete and play tug-of-war as a vivid illustration of the story. When we introduced Ruth to them, everyone had an opportunity to take roles of some of the characters in the story. The example of Hannah and Samuel shows how God answers the prayers and how it is important to be faithful to the promise you give to God.
The younger ones began to learn the story of Jesus Christ this month. They have already known about Christ’s birth, the family He was brought up in and who his earthly father Joseph was. Besides, they could know about Jesus’ disciples.
One of the vivid moments of this month became the talk with one of the girls from the younger group. Her name is Alina. We spoke about friendship. Alina shared what she thought about qualities of a real friend and noticed that she wasn’t always a good and faithful friend herself. But I cheered most of all when she said that she wanted to have friendship as David and Jonathan’s. Such words surprised and encouraged me at one and the same moment because we had shared this story in October! It is surprising that a small girl with mental and physical problems learned this lesson so well and could even make practical conclusions. Praise the Lord!
Thanks to everyone who supports us and is not indifferent to the service to orphans of our country!

In January: “Vileyka orphanage”

Posted: January 31, 2018 by Dobr9k in Vileyka

Culinary school took place in our church on 6 January.
Parents from our church with their kids and kids from Vileyka boarding school took part in it together.

In a warm and friendly atmosphere children of different ages tried to reveal their cooking skills under the command of experienced cooks. Everybody participated actively in making the atmosphere festive. We decorated tables with beautifully folded napkins, candles, handmade Christmas trees and unusually cut fruit. After that, children could enjoy lunch that they cooked themselves, drink tea and taste cookies. It all was accompanied by the guitar so we could sing along.
Different activities and games were prepared for children, and everyone got sweet prizes.
Later on the day children watched a play that reminded them about Christmas and what happened 2000 years ago: the birth of a child in Bethlehem – Jesus the Son of God, shepherds coming to see him, the angel who brought the good news and kings, who were making there way to Him according to the star. Due to beautiful and bright decorations we just immersed in the christmas atmosphere.
Any holiday includes good spirits, tasty food, music and presents. Most assuredly, I can say that our holiday celebration was not an acception.
Watching smiling faces and bright smiles, I want to believe that they will remember this day as a bright and happy memory.

Winter camp “The secret inside”

Posted: January 15, 2018 by Dobr9k in Camps

Winter camp “The secret inside” was held in Belynichie boarding school from the 24th December to 1st January.
I was one of the leaders in a younger group with Down syndrome children. There were 6 of them. Only two children were able to speak a little and understand a bit better than the rest of the kids what was going on. Every child like that lives in his own world that we can’t understand.
Some people consider these kids just to be disabled who are unable to live normally, unable to understand anything, unable to do anything. Bud God sees these kids differently.He sees them special and unique. And I know why. Everyone of them has his own personality, his own dreams, likes and hobbies.
You may wonder, what can they do? What do they understand? But every kid in my group was unique: somebody liked dogs, somebody was good at constructing, somebody liked dolls, somebody enjoyed organizing things in the wardrobe, somebody just was looking through the window.
There are different ways to express love. When words can’t be understood, then just a touch or a sincere smile can make a difference for these kids. Quite a lot of time we spent just playing different games and talking to their school mentors (the last one was as important as just spending time with kids).
Children in my group were not able to do all activities that were prepared for the whole camp due to the health issues, but if they happened to do something, they were so eager to do that.
Every day started with morning exercises which were fun and older kids with Down Syndrome enjoyed it a lot. We had team time after breakfast and then, closer to lunch time, everybody would go to a different activity of the day: craft class, sport club or a movie. My little team enjoyed the craft class most of all.
We had a new activity in the camp that is called – team building time. It included games and tasks aiming to build up the team’s spirit, to develop trust and respect among kids. It was organized for every age group.
We do use these activities in our camps, but it was the first time we used them for kids who have mental and physical disabilities. To our surprise, kids enjoyed it a lot, and to be honest, they showed more patience in some activities where even adults gave up.
Our evening meetings in a hall were a special time for children and us. We sang songs, watched photo presentations of each past day of the camp, leaders showed different little plays, and the most important thing was the theme of the day. All topics were understandable for children: love towards people, mercy, good deeds, humility, gratitude. Sometimes it was difficult to keep children’s attention during the meeting, however, it was great to see that there were kids who were really interested and were listening attentively.
I had a very special conversation with a girl, who’s graduating this year. Her name is Alina. At first, she seemed a very closed and shy girl, but I was wrong. She’s a good soul, always looking forward to us coming, always ready to give the last she has and she’s a very creative girl as well. I’ve known her for several years already, but it was the first time we had a conversation like that. Alina has a mother, a grannie and 2 sisters, who live in another town not too far away. Alina is not angry at them that she lives in this orphanage. She call her relatives to check on her grandma because she’s an old lady who needs help.It was great to hear Alina’s thoughts about her future family, her education and maturing, about relationships with boys. A very special topic was her relationship with God. She tries to pray every day. She prays for teachers, for her family, friends. She believes that everything happens for a reason, that God is changing people, that one day she will be changed completely.
Every day of our camp was filled with God’s presence. We didn’t have any accidents or emergency, no problems with kids. Administration and teachers were quite open and helped us a lot.
Personally, this camp was a blessing! Our leaders team, opened
hearts of kids and teachers, the weather and other moments which we usually do not notice or take for granted, it all made special Christmas atmosphere.
I believe that God’s word made its work! Even if it’s only one child who accepted the Lord as his personal Savior. I rejoice and thank our Heavenly Father for it!