In January: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: January 31, 2018 by Dobr9k in Belinichy

January is a very special month for children, and not many of them were visited Italy. This month still special so that the children are having more attention from outside the orphanage and, of course, because a lot of presents. I can not select, that, with all this, connects their good mood and goodwill to us, and also beacuse of the eve of the camp. The camp time are always accompany more closes and friendly rellationships. Exactly thats why this month were that special and children were all especially happy. I would like to accent a youngest group, watching after them, I saw some changes in their behavior, they’ve become more attentive and more obedient. The children in the group were all very different, some of them are more smart and some of them were more responsive to assimilate all the information we gave to them. But what especially surprised me is how they care about the younger and in general the children have a heightened sensitivity to those who need help or protection. Why? Because often you can see how people are quarrel and showdown with each other. This past month we told a lot of children Bible stories about: “Jeasus childhood”, ” How Jeasus chose His disciples”, “King’s servant son healing” and ect.

Children knew very good story about Jeasus Birth, and didnt payed much attention in listening it, but, very actively answered the questions. And another special thing was how theese guys, each of them, were ready and willing to play every game and loved when some of us asked for their help. The teenager group had themes like: “Samson”, “Ann’s prayers”.. As I wrote upper, this month we’ve been visiting them not just for fun time and lessons, but also we brought them to see the Christmas play and some Christmas presents.

  1. Yegor says:

    Great to hear that the children are changing – becoming a better persons – becoming more obedient and even eager to help you and especially to help each other and even more especially to help smaller and weaker orphans! This is a fantastic fruit of your hard work!!! Well done!
    Glory to God Who is changing orphans hearts through your hard work!

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