In February: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: March 2, 2018 by Dobr9k in Rudensk

I greet you, brothers, sisters and all friends who are interested in helping orphans! Belarus is definitely a country of opportunities, but, at the same time, many people do not know God. Problems people face, show that they lack close relationships with their Creator. Broken families result in appearance of social orphans. And this is a huge problem! The whole generation of children are growing up without fathers and mothers in our country. What does it mean? It means children have low self-esteem and adults are emotionally depressed, besides, they feel worthless and insignificant! That is why our country is on the list of countries with the highest level of suicide. People need changes but they cannot occur without changing of minds and coming to faith in God.
Rudensk orphanage is the place where children’s life stories really change. Today’s generation counts on Marvel heroes who cannot answer the main question – what can help me in my life and what can change it! Children need parents, moreover, they need right heroes who could help them believe in him or herself, in their personal value and believe that real changes can come true! David is a Bible character who turned over the whole epoch of disbelief, disappointment, betrayal and pain. Although hundreds and thousands of years went on from that time, the image of this hero still helps young orphans get right understanding of following God. Responsibility for the flock of sheep which was in his charge during his adolescence, his relationships with God, his wisdom, bravery, friendship, faithfulness to his views and many other things can be added to the list of his good qualities. God, looking at his heart, helped him reach the position of a king from being a slave. But such a status didn’t prevent him from being faithful to God.
When we came to the children in February, we told them about David’s life and reflected on the actuality of his example in our days. I am happy when the teenagers ask questions and think over of what they heard at our meetings. But most of all I am excited by their wish to change. The teenagers come closer to their dream with every prayer and our visits. The Bible becomes a life guidebook for those who are eager to know more about God. I think, in this month, despite cold weather, offence, price increase, cruelty, offence, failures, the children learnt how to see not only bad things in everything and look for the way out even in hard situations and make right conclusions. God is interested in their lives. Changes can come only due to closeness to God. Evaluating the work of the team, I see that we change together with the children. God transforms us and, as a result , the message we share influence the children’s destiny and eternal life!
I want to thank all who read our news! Without you and your prayers, it would be harder to see changes that God implements.

  1. Yegor says:

    Молодцы! Вы несёти люовь Иисуса Христа этим сиротам – им так важно узнать что Бог не забыл о них, что он помнит о их, скорбит вместе с ними и испытывает их боль, когда им больно, и что более того что Он постоянно рядом с ними и любит их! И что они могут почувствовать Его присутствие, если впустят Иисуса Христа в своё сердце.
    Вы – молодцы! Продолжайте нести любовь Иисуса Христа этим сиротам! Бог видит и знает ваш тяжелый труд и очень ценит его и очень любит вас!

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