In February: “Smilovichi orphanage”

Posted: March 3, 2018 by Dobr9k in Smilovichi

Good afternoon!
In February we have visited the Smilovichi orphanage. This month there were more children than last month. Each of them has its own unique story. The girl Luda, who has been there for several months, at the last meeting said that she is going to be taken home. And this is a great joy for us! Because the family reunification is our dream!
Despite cold weather and various life circumstances, all the meetings with the guys took place. Among the children there were new children, whom we met for the first time, but there were also those guys who were not for the first time in this orphanage. It is sad that the children repeatedly experience the betrayal of their parents – the closest and dearest people. While Luda’s face is shining these guys are stressed and their eyes are full of sadness and pain. I’m glad that the teachers who work in the orphanage take care of children and try to support them as much as possible. Because of this situation, the topic “God is our consoler”, which we had at one of our meetings, was very relevant. Honestly, it is quite difficult to talk about consolation to children who have been repeatedly betrayed. They were already trying to forgive, to trust again, to see good things again in people, but they were disappointed again. Despite the complexity of the situation, God reveals the children’s hearts and, we believe that at the right time, the sown word will bear fruit for Eternity!
In addition, the children learned that Jesus is a teacher, who still teaches us and guides us through the Bible. Also, the guys have learned that Jesus is the best doctor who is able to heal not only physical pain, but also heartache.
At the last meeting we had creativity lesson. This format of our meetings is very popular with the children from the Smilovichi orphanage. The children had the opportunity to make beautiful flowers for their upcoming holiday on March, 8. Sveta – our head of creativity lessons, at first was very worried, whether boys like to make flowers or not. But it turned out that they were also happy to make flowers which they can give to their teachers or sisters.

  1. Yegor says:

    “Истинное же благочестие, угодное Богу, ничем не запятнанное и чистое перед Богом и Отцом, выражается в заботе о сиротах и вдовах, нуждающихся в помощи, и в сохранении себя неосквернённым от мира.” Иакова 1:27
    Молодцы! Вы заботитесь о сиротах – вы исполняете заповедь Бога. Бог это видит, ценит и помнит – и Он особенно любит вас. Так же как отец радуется тому, когда его ребёнок слушается его, так же и Наш Небесный Отец радуется тому, что Его дети слушаются Его и исполняют его заподей.

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