In February: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: March 4, 2018 by Dobr9k in Belinichy

For me, February was a very difficult month. It hurt me to look at the guys in the orphanage. Many were sick; they told me how they were placed in an isolation ward and treated. They worried that they would not see us. Some guys could not find a common language among themselves, quarreled and offended each other. Someone was not happy that life is not fair to them. And I was able to reassure one boy, because he cried and cried, and said that all the people around him are bad. In addition, he was angry with God. I am grateful to God that I could be at that moment and comfort him. Thank God that we have the opportunity to come to meet children’s in orphanage and talk to them about their difficulties, empathize, hug and talk about God, and teach them how to pray and trust in God their problems!
When we come to the guys, they are enthusiastically running to meet us. Perhaps for someone we have become close, for someone just friends. Yes, they, like most people, have their own experiences I pray that the time spent with the guys will not be in vain! How I want the guys to find the meaning of life in God and change their destinies with God’s help!
This month, older children began to get acquainted with the history of David’s life. This Biblical hero is a good example of loyalty and trust in God, and this is exactly what so many people lack! Quite a young boy, who was a shepherd and musician, was able to defeat the giant Goliath and in due time God made him king. One of the actual topics for the children from this orphanage is friendship. Unfortunately, most guys do not know how to be friend, do not know how to trust, forgive, children are more consumers in friendship. That is why we devoted a whole meeting to the example of the friendship of David and Jonathan. We come to the guys to show God’s view of those or other moments.
At one of the meetings we organized sports relay races for high school students. Relaying is not only a sport and a fun pastime, but also an opportunity to teach children to correctly accept both victories and defeats, and also to unite for the sake of achieving a common goal.
Younger children continue to get acquainted with the miracles that Jesus performed during life on earth. They already know the biblical story of how Jesus fed five thousand people, how thanks to Jesus, the fishermen caught a large number of fish, and that even the sea obeyed Jesus. We hope and believe that God is already now, working in children’s hearts!

  1. Giuseppe says:

    Hi, my name is Joseph and write from Italy. I want say you that in the last seven years my life is strongly changed, this by from when I host a child from Belinichy orphanage (right the third one starting from the left in the first picture….what happy big surprise for me), so I want thank you all for the good job that are you doing with this children and with my that one that I hope become my lovely daughter as soon as. Me to with my wife talk to her about Jesus of his acts and the his Holy Gospel, she is very fascinated from this. I want encourage you all to continue this charity act because I can see the fruit that it is produsing. God bless you all.

  2. Yegor says:

    Да, жизнь сирот в интернате очень тяжелая и полна скорбей. Слава Богу за что что вы приходите и утешаете сирот в их скорбях! Вы – молодцы! Бог видит ваш тяжёлый труд.

  3. Yegor says:

    Hi Joseph! Thank you very, very much for your message!!! You cannot imagine what it means for us! You have encourages us greatly!!! We are doing this ministry for 10 years and we are extremely happy when we hear about any fruit our ministry produces. So we are happy to hear from you about fruit that our ministry has produced in this child. We are extremely happy to hear that you would like to adopt this girl!!! This is fantastic!!! It is the best way that you can help an orphan!!! Because every child needs protection, and every orphan needs a family where she will feel safe, where she will feel protected. Please keep in touch with us! Please give us updates, we always love to hear about fruits that our ministry produces. We pray to Jesus that adoption process will go smoothly and fast and you will be soon united with your lovely daughter that you love so much!

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