In February: “Vileyka orphanage”

Posted: March 6, 2018 by Dobr9k in Vileyka

This month we had several meetings with the kids from Vileyka. We were talking with them about how it is important to watch your thoughts and keep your heart clean. As an illustration to it, we used three hearts of different colors (black, red and white). Black heart symbolized sin slowly destroying person’s heart and making it dirty. Red heart symbolized God’s love to people, who showed it through Christ dying on the cross so that we could restore our relationships with God and receive salvation. White heart – symbol of purity and righteousness, which people can receive if they repent and let God into their hearts.
Next topic was “Habits and desires”. Here we talked about sinful desires that may be in our hearts. We talked about why sin attracts people and what to do with it. Apart from our program, the girls prepared a dance for us. After that dance, we congratulated those who had birthdays, this month there were 3 of them. After hugs, presents, taking pictures, we organized a little sweet treat.
As the world celebrates Valentine ’s Day, we decided to use this opportunity to talk with older kids about relationships between boys and girls, showing them God’s point of view for that. We talked about purity and chastity and about biblical picture of the family.
On Saturday 24 Feb, there was another culinary club in Vileyka together with Valeri Strigotski, who is well known to kids as uncle Valera. The team was small and that turned to be a good thing: the atmosphere was home like where kids could be open. It was great to see that this time the 10th grade girls were allowed to be with us, as in previous times teachers did not let them go. The girls joined in with passion as if they were trying to catch up on everything. It was an amazing experience as some of them are planning to be cooks and bakers in the future. Uncle Valera gave them some useful advice. They all had a chance to talk with him about their future profession.
Children themselves cooked a salad, stuffed rolls, they set the table, prayed together, ate it all, talked and cleaned after that. As usual, there were presents from uncle Valera. In addition, Yuliya Kashko prepared a few active games. We hugged a lot, took many pictures and somebody tried the role of the photographer. The most precious thing in meetings like these is fellowship. Every time you meet new kids, and those who we know reveal their new sides of their personalities, because they feel they can trust us. Every time you do not want to leave, the time flies so fast. You want to come again as soon as possible, especially when you get a feedback like this: “You were with me, I had fun, and you became dear and special to me”, – the girl called Liza wrote it, and she visited our culinary club the first time.

  1. Yegor says:

    Молодцы!! У того кто попробывал быть фотогрофом получилось очень хорошо – очень хорошие фотографии! 🙂 Вы молодцы – вы несёти любовь Иисуса Христа сиротам. Вы заботитесь о сиротах и несёти им истинные знания, которые им очень помогут в жизни. Вы исполняете заповедь Бога о заботе о сиротах. Бог это очень ценит и очень любит вас.

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