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In April: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: May 1, 2018 by Dobr9k in Belinichy

This month has been especially bright as we had a wonderful opportunity to tell children about Easter – the celebration day of Jesus Christ’s resurrection.
In the beginning of the month we held separate classes dedicated to the Easter with the senior and junior children. We were telling them about the great deed of the Son of God, and about the price He paid to bring salvation to the world. Most of the children already heard from us about the core of Easter last year. But now there are some new kids in the Belynichi orphanage for whom this information was unknown: most of them associated Easter with colored eggs and various bakery. We hope that from now on they will remember about Jesus Christ, who suffered at Calvary for each of us!
During next meeting we held another Easter program with participation of a jolly clown, who was not only amusing the kids, but also was telling them about Christ’s Resurrection. At the end everyone got his long-anticipated gift.
Besides the festive events, the elder kids continued their acquaintance with new heroes of the Bible, such as Naaman and wise queen Esther. The example of each of these characters shows how strongly the faith in God influences the people’s fates. We hope that our dear children also visit our meetings not in vain, and that the word that they hear would penetrate deep in their hearts!
To the younger kids we told about the kind shepherd who went to find his lost sheep. With the help of this character we managed to show the little children that they also have the Shepherd and Father, Who never leaves them, even if their blood father or mother left them.
In these latter days the children meet us very cheerfully and warm – like long-expected and beloved guests. All the barriers in communication have disappeared. The changes are seen also in the teachers who became more open and friendly (it was not like that at all in the beginning).
During the latest meeting the kids were amazed by the Easter gifts – they were running to each of us, telling their gratitude with all the sincerity of their hearts. Someone happened to receive a car, someone received some finery – everyone got something of his own, unique, unexpected, as a real miracle. An that is what we all happen to need in life badly – a simple miracle of love, acceptance and friendship, realization of a simple truth: this world needs you.

In April: “Smilovichi orphanage”

Posted: May 1, 2018 by Dobr9k in Smilovichi

God blessed us this month and we had an opportunity to visit Smilovichi. We are glad that our ministry haven’t lost its power for many years and children can still hear the good news about God!
The children get to the social center right from their homes because of the devastating lifestyle of their parents. There is a new boy in the center, Vlad by name. He has just come here. ‘Vlad, why are you here?’ – ‘I don’t know, everything was fine. I went to school and was taken from there and brought to the social center’. After talking to him, we found out that his parents drank hard and he did all housework. He is rigid, preserved and unsociable and reminds of a hedgehog. At first, he didn’t communicate with us and just examined us and what we did. He ignored talks about Jesus. Later we knew that Vlad was keen on fishing. I can just suppose that such an activity was the only possibility to get rid of his drunk parents.
This month we celebrated Easter and puppet theatre came to the social center in honor of this. The children who had recently come to the center never saw such a performance because of their stolen childhood. Throughout the show, there was a lot of laughter and joy. The children, especially the smaller ones, applauded, commented loudly on the show and got excited! After the performance, we gave the children presents. We had been preparing the presents for all this month because we wanted to put there useful things.
This month was also encouraging for us because God helped us build relationships with the administration of the social center. Just yesterday we went to the center and discussed the theme ‘the greatest creation’. Most of the children have low self-esteem so it’s hard for them to believe that they are great and the most wonderful creation of God. At the end, I took a mirror and showed they could see the greatest God’s creation looking at the mirror. So I turned it to the children and said: ‘you are the greatest and the most beautiful creation of God!’ The children didn’t get used to such compliments. Some of them were embarrassed, others closed their eyes and giggled and those like Vlad said that it couldn’t be so.
Thank you, friends, for praying for our team and the development of the ministry! Thank you for your involvement in breaking up the rocks of unbelief and bringing back to life children who are God’s wonderful creation!