In May: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: May 30, 2018 by Dobr9k in Rudensk

School year is nearly over in our country, so is our ministry for the season. In a month we again will say goodbye to graduates from orphanages, who’ll go to study to different towns. We’ll see those who’ll stay in the orphanage only in September. Perhaps, this is the reason why older kids try to spend more time with our team and long for one to one conversations. It’s usually hard to gather kids in May, so there are less of them at our meetings, kids just get outside to enjoy the long-awaited warmth. This year, though, is different, children try to not miss our meetings and even bring friends with them! Older students got to know new biblical characters – Daniel and his friends. There was an end of month meeting and kids remembered Daniel’s story. Moreover this month we had visits to Rudensk – we had meetings for boys and girls separately, where they discussed how to become a happy wife from biblical point of view, and boys talked about their dreams and the ways to make them come true. Younger kids continued getting to know new stories from New Testament. They learned about a parable of the prodigal son, kind samarian, good Pastor and a lost sheep, about tax collector and pharisees’ prayer. They also had a meeting where I was delighted to see that kids not only remembered biblical stories they heard that month, but also many other stories they heard through out the year. We know, it’s God Who is doing His work in kinds hearts, and we are really grateful to Him for that!

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