In May: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: May 31, 2018 by Dobr9k in Belinichy

The month of May was special personally for me. Preparing the classes for children, you cannot but live through the things that you want to deliver to them; first of all, God was working in my heart. I was myself living through the stories about Daniel and his friends. And this is a special time of preparation and happiness that you can share something that God reveals with the children. Every kid who visits our meetings perceives our themes and those truths that we deliver to them in his or her own way. One of the things that I realized for sure is that we don’t know a kid’s heart, and it is only God who is making His work, and we can only be instruments in God’s hands. There are children, who at first sight are attentive and open, but after a while you can see how far they can be from God, and at the same time the most disturbing brawler turns out to be open to spiritual changes in life. That’s why when I see brawlers, who are merely trying to catch attention by their behavior, I rejoice that I can give at least a little of my love, attention and care to them.
This month with the elder children we were talking about Daniel and all his life. About Daniel being taken to slavery, about his loyalty and trust to God. The special Daniel’s gift is to read dreams. And to trust firmly to God despite the difficult trials in his life. The children like such stories, through them you can reach out and speak to their hearts. It is well known that a person shows sympathy and readiness to help after a more close acquaintance with someone who needs help. We help our nearest because we know them well and love them, and usually don’t take closely to our hearts a message about hundreds of life being taken by a storm somewhere over the ocean. The issue with orphans is the same. Although we know that a lot of children in Belarus still live in orphanages, it doesn’t give us a possibility to feel deeply a state of a specific child. We do not see these children, and our motivation to help them is very low.
It makes a big difference when we see a photo, story and video about some particular child. We discover more about him and get a wish to help. Someone will have this wish materialized into specific actions – adoption or creation of a foster family. At our turn we want to help delivering the Gospel to them and givie a little love and care during our meetings.

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