In September: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: October 5, 2018 by Dobr9k in Belinichy

In September we restarted our lessons with younger children after a short summer break. A lot of changes happened in their lives. They grew up and were very glad to see us. Our regular 3 groups were partly disbanded, and new children have joined us this year. The children met us joyfully screaming as usually. They missed us as well as us. It’s so nice when someone looks forward to you and you are welcome. We had a talk, found out how they had spent their summer, prayed, sang some favorite songs. The new guys quickly became part of the team and were active during the whole lesson. We decided to devote our first lesson to the topic “God exists” and told the children indisputable facts about the existence of God. At the end of the lesson we asked some questions to revise. In September we had simple, well-known, but important and actual topics: “Prayer”, “The Bible – the word of God”, “Faith”. The children especially enjoyed the lesson about the Bible. It was full of nice pictures and good examples which showed them that there are a lot of books with their messages and aims, but there’s only one Book which contains everything you need to know about true life. The guys listened to us very attentively and next time easily answered all our questions. With the older children we discussed the same topics. The teenagers like discussions very much. Some new guys joined our older group too. They are very open and talkative. I remembered the boy Gena. He’s 12, very smiling and pleasant. From the very beginning it seemed we have known each other for long. He told us about his childhood and parents, about the place he had lived before. He said he liked our meeting very much and would continue visiting us. He didn’t miss a single meeting, which is very nice!
All the meetings we had in September are clear and easy to understand in all the ages. We believe that everything we explain to them will give results some day!

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