In September: “Smilovichi orphanage”

Posted: October 5, 2018 by Dobr9k in Smilovichi

Hello dear brothers and sisters as well as our regular readers in whose hearts God has put the love for orphans!
The academic year began and when we arrived to Smilovichi, we saw new children. When a child comes to a boarding school, he or she is very constrained and trusts very few people. Betrayal of parents begins to be painted invented as a defensive reaction, an imaginary world. “Why did you come to the orphanage? – I asked. And child told: “I do not know, everything was fine. My mother drank, but not much. “” The child, without understanding himself, began to embellish the situation and shield his mother. Most of the children who enter orphanages are children with live parents. Fear and shame make these children very vulnerable.
We began to teach about the basics of faith. When we talked about prayer, I asked the children if somebody ever prayed for them, most of them answered “no”. After this topic, the teacher explained that prayer really helps not only to open and speak out, but also allows the child to be safe. After all, God accepts all and does not look at their history! It’s nice to realize that there are people who help children to overcome the crisis of change (when children come from the family to the orphanage)!
When we started the topic “The book that changed millions of people,” it turned out that children do not have a single Bible and living in the 21st century they hear the Bibical stories for the first time. Every time we come to the orphanage, we see how the children starting to be openhearted and happily retell everything that was said at our previous meetings. “Can The Bible be interesting?” – to the teacher’s question, we say: “Of cource it can!” With personal communication, children talk about their desires and dreams to return to the family more quickly, they are dreaming about that parents will stop drinking and start paying attention to them, which every child need. We began to pray for about a month about worries of the children and God answered! Brother and sister who were in the orphanage were taken back to the family! Everything became possible due to the fact that someone stood in the gap and started to pray for the children! The children themselves are happy to tell us about how God answers our joint prayers, through which faith is born in children’s hearts. Small victories claim strong faith!
Thank you to everyone who pray for us and for the ministry to orphans! Let God piece out any need in right time in your life!

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