In October: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: November 1, 2018 by Dobr9k in Rudensk

We continue visiting children from Rudensky school and every Wednesday we try to do our best to prepare for the topic of the lesson, relay races and crafts. This month we were telling the children about the importance of the church in our lives, why God created it and how they can find the church, a spiritual family that they can become a part of after they graduate from the school. In our countries many people go to church only on holidays several times a year and think that it’s enough. That’s why our goal was to deliver the truth to every child, the truth is that the church is a safe place where they can get to know God, learn how to build relationships with people, be changed, get freedom from bad habits, learn how to love and accept love from brothers and sisters.
On one of our visits people who organize a puppet show joined our team. This time they uncovered the topic of friendship and gave practical advice on how to be friends in the right way. We were pleased to see that the children responded well and participated in giving the answers to the questions. After the show, they shared their feelings and asked each other for forgiveness for offenses and bad things in friendship. Praise the Lord for He opens their hearts to the truth and healing. Since these children are heavily hurt in their lives and in their friendship relationships they also hurt others, but through accepting God’s Word they’re changed and they learn how to apply it in their lives. It’s very good!
We also shared about Jesus Christ’s childhood with the children, about His earthly family and how close He was with His Heavenly Father already in the childhood.
Beside the main visits of Rudensky school, this month some additional visits were also organized. On one of the meetings, the children had relay races that are liked both by younger kids and by older ones. Another exciting event of this month was the Nitrogen Show, which the children could watch for the first time in their lives. I can say with confidence that not only the children, but also the teachers were thrilled!
We were talking about obedience, mercy and jealousy with younger kids. All these topics are very relevant and important for them, because they can even punch and insult someone if he or she has a better toy or a more beautiful thing. When we were talking about mercy, we gave an example of the Good Samaritan and his merciful deed towards a stranger. One of the teachers told us that children started having a less aggressive attitude towards each other reminding themselves about mercy and compassion. It’s so joyous to see and hear how God is working in the hearts and lives of these children!

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