In October: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: November 6, 2018 by Dobr9k in Belinichy

The visits to Belunichy were stoped. The topics “church”, “childhood of Jesus” were discussed with older children. We were running sport competitions and games with them. They love sport activities. Sport helps to build closer friendship relationship. This month the puppet theater came to children. They are always happy to have the theater in the school! It’s a good way to approach children with Biblical stories using pictures and theater. They are just happy to see any new people coming to see them.
With younger children we discussed such topics like “obedience”, «mercy”, “jealousy”. During discussions I faced some difficulties how to make these truths understandable for these little hurts. They live in circumstances where they must always fight for something and protect themselves. What mercy can you speak about? There is nothing left to keep relying on God’s Mercy will be shown in their lives. While speaking about jealousy there was a boy with the bag full of new toys. All children gathered around him asking for gift for themselves. Of course not everyone got the gift. Then the time of jealousy and hurt came. It was a good start for my lesson. As an example was given a parable about poor guy who was forgiven a big debt by king but couldn’t forgive a small one of his friend. It was very difficult to show the quality of forgiveness and happiness for each other and to show what jealousy brings to. That it can bring us to big problems in relationships. And what a great blessing is to trust God all our needs. Here is the question how to bring real Gospel to children? I must confess sometimes it’s very difficult. And you can’t say if they do understand you or just listening. I believe that the time will come when all that they heard in childhood will become their blessing. Start children off on the way they should go. I am happy to bring the Gospel and love to children with hurt hurts and lives.

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