In May “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: June 3, 2019 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Rudensk

In May there were many trips to the Rudensk orphanage. The art lessons were held for the younger children. Also we have covered some very important topics. At the end of the April there was a wonderful holiday – Easter, that is why we invited a puppet show and gave gifts to the children, we also decided to dedicate the very first week of May to this holiday. Both younger and older children received Bible lessons, in which the children became more familiar with the feat of Jesus Christ at Calvary. At subsequent meetings with the older children, the following topics were covered: “Jesus loves children,” “The life and ministry

of the disciples of Jesus after His resurrection.” The younger children talked about “fears”, as well as “loyalty in friendship.” May

pleased us with warm, sunny weather, so

many children wanted to run away to the street. But despite this, they still remained faithful and did not miss our meetings! Soon graduates will pass the last school exams. Some of them feel very worried about what waits them outside of the school. Some children will go to study in different cities, some of them will immediately go to work, and someone will have to go to a disabled home. Seeing the experiences of graduates, we made a common prayer for them at the last meeting in May. We hope that the seed that has been sown in the hearts of these children will give their fruits and they will open their hearts to Heavenly Father!

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