In May: “Smilovichy orphanage”

Posted: June 3, 2019 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Smilovichi

    We continue our weekly trips to the orphanage and enjoy the opportunity to openly share the Good News with the children and conduct Bible study classes.  Listening to the children, we realized that they live in fear: the fear of being in an orphanage, the fear of never seeing their parents again, fear of the dark, people and many others.

     In order to help them to overcome their fears, we have prepared answers to this topic and explained them how to pray to Heavenly Father – Our Protector, who is always with us and He has many angels for each of us.  Also, each of us ga

ve examples from his life about how the Lord guarded and gave courage in various situations.  In subsequent meetings, the children told us about their victories, that they no longer sleep with the light, because before going to bed they pray and ask for the protection of the Lord.

Even this month, we conducted creative activities and taught the children weaving, making toys, mosaic paintings and creating figures.  We believe that such activities are very important for their development and sensory perception of the external world.

Last week, we talked about friendship, and also what the real friendship is, which God has intended.  Olya said that she did not believe in true friendship, because when she was taken to an orphanage, all her friends turned away and stopped being friends with her.  She had frustration and unforgiveness.  Together with the team, we helped Olya to understand what the secret of friendship is and how to choose friends correctly.  We also helped her to forgive betrayal and ask the Lord for true friends!

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