In September: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: September 30, 2019 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Rudensk

Greetings, dear Friends! We are thankful to everyone who reads us!  Thank you for your interest in the Orphans ministry!  This month is special, as a new school year began for the Orphans ministry.  This month we visited children from the Rudensky children’s house.  Summer flew by quickly, and we see how children have changed over the summer – they grew up, tanned.    When we visited this orphanage for the first time in this academic year, we learned that the orphanage had undergone major changes since its administration had completely changed. Let’s pray that the heart of the administration will be open to the Orphans ministry that we have been doing for the past 15 years.

We hear the joy and enthusiastic cries of children all the time: “You have come to us!  Hurray!”  Such a reaction could not make us indifferent, and we gladly rushed to meet the guys.  Talks and emotions accompanied us throughout the trip.  Everybody has its own news, joy and even pain. The constancy of our ministry shows the children that they can rely on us, they can trust us.  Therefore, the kids told what happened in the summer, how the children were sent to summer camps, and how hard it was for them to constantly hear the taunts of other children who grew up in families with mom and dad.  “Nobody protects us, it’s hard for us, and we feel lonely in the evenings,” the kids told us. During one of our visits, a 14-year-old boy said that sometimes it was difficult for him to believe in God since he had been asking God for more than 10 years to send him family. He sees other teenagers, he also wants to have mom and dad.  We started the conversation, and I said:  “Listen, God cares for you anyway.  You have a family – we come to you and other guys every week.   We spend a lot of time, as a family, with you.  Yes, maybe this is not the ideal family that you can imagine when you close your eyes.  But still we – those who spend time with you – love and accept you, we pray for you. All these happen in families, this is the time of acceptance, this is the care and prayers.  You are precious to us, and we love you simply for who you are. After that, this boy looked up at us and said that he had never thought this way, that God could answer his prayers this way. “I was looking at the imaginary world and imagined that God would answer the way I wanted. But now I understand that God, sending you to the orphanage, is already showing his care for me”. Each child drowns out his or her pain with imagined ideas about faith and God. Satan is trying to convince orphans that nobody needs them, that God does not hear their prayers, therefore, when you are alone, you find it difficult to believe in God the Father.  The story ended when we hugged and said:  “Remember that God cares for you even when you think that nothing happens.” Also, this month we held sports activities, trying to have new friends through sports.  In addition to having a good time, we had a great opportunity to invite all the new guys to our weekly meetings, which we hold on Wednesdays.  The first topic of the meetings was “Laziness”.  We talked about how to overcome laziness, relying on a biblical passage: “What you sow, you will reap.”  Our next topic:  “Gossip”. Because this is a part of life that kids live in the orphanage.  Children do not understand that by gossiping they destroy themselves and others.  Our task is not only to talk on the topics but also to draw conclusions, give practical advice that can change the lives of these guys. The good news for this month is that we have a new group of children that we have been allowed to work with.  Let’s pray that God will help all the guys who come to us to think about their lives and about God. We pray that they will receive their comforting and their miracle!  Thank you very much for your prayers, they mean so much to us!

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