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In September: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: September 30, 2019 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Rudensk

Greetings, dear Friends! We are thankful to everyone who reads us!  Thank you for your interest in the Orphans ministry!  This month is special, as a new school year began for the Orphans ministry.  This month we visited children from the Rudensky children’s house.  Summer flew by quickly, and we see how children have changed over the summer – they grew up, tanned.    When we visited this orphanage for the first time in this academic year, we learned that the orphanage had undergone major changes since its administration had completely changed. Let’s pray that the heart of the administration will be open to the Orphans ministry that we have been doing for the past 15 years.

We hear the joy and enthusiastic cries of children all the time: “You have come to us!  Hurray!”  Such a reaction could not make us indifferent, and we gladly rushed to meet the guys.  Talks and emotions accompanied us throughout the trip.  Everybody has its own news, joy and even pain. The constancy of our ministry shows the children that they can rely on us, they can trust us.  Therefore, the kids told what happened in the summer, how the children were sent to summer camps, and how hard it was for them to constantly hear the taunts of other children who grew up in families with mom and dad.  “Nobody protects us, it’s hard for us, and we feel lonely in the evenings,” the kids told us. During one of our visits, a 14-year-old boy said that sometimes it was difficult for him to believe in God since he had been asking God for more than 10 years to send him family. He sees other teenagers, he also wants to have mom and dad.  We started the conversation, and I said:  “Listen, God cares for you anyway.  You have a family – we come to you and other guys every week.   We spend a lot of time, as a family, with you.  Yes, maybe this is not the ideal family that you can imagine when you close your eyes.  But still we – those who spend time with you – love and accept you, we pray for you. All these happen in families, this is the time of acceptance, this is the care and prayers.  You are precious to us, and we love you simply for who you are. After that, this boy looked up at us and said that he had never thought this way, that God could answer his prayers this way. “I was looking at the imaginary world and imagined that God would answer the way I wanted. But now I understand that God, sending you to the orphanage, is already showing his care for me”. Each child drowns out his or her pain with imagined ideas about faith and God. Satan is trying to convince orphans that nobody needs them, that God does not hear their prayers, therefore, when you are alone, you find it difficult to believe in God the Father.  The story ended when we hugged and said:  “Remember that God cares for you even when you think that nothing happens.” Also, this month we held sports activities, trying to have new friends through sports.  In addition to having a good time, we had a great opportunity to invite all the new guys to our weekly meetings, which we hold on Wednesdays.  The first topic of the meetings was “Laziness”.  We talked about how to overcome laziness, relying on a biblical passage: “What you sow, you will reap.”  Our next topic:  “Gossip”. Because this is a part of life that kids live in the orphanage.  Children do not understand that by gossiping they destroy themselves and others.  Our task is not only to talk on the topics but also to draw conclusions, give practical advice that can change the lives of these guys. The good news for this month is that we have a new group of children that we have been allowed to work with.  Let’s pray that God will help all the guys who come to us to think about their lives and about God. We pray that they will receive their comforting and their miracle!  Thank you very much for your prayers, they mean so much to us!

In September: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: September 30, 2019 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Belinichy

The studying year has began and we are happy to see open children’s hearts. Moreover, the administration and the workers of the orphanage are nor against our visits and even contribute to the children’s attendance of our meetings. At first, it was a little bit hard to deal with the children’s behavior but it was not because we can’t handle it or the children are so bad. Actually, they behaved like this because they hadn’t seen us for two months and were so excited to see us again. They went to state camps or spent the holiday in Italy. Surely, they missed us so much and they wanted to share their news. Graduates left school and the rest of the children started one more year at school. Some new children came to the school this year. They were taken from troublesome families or other orphanages. So, the children were eager to share the school news, tell about summer holiday and their personal worries.This study year we divide the children into two groups for younger and older ones, as it was last year. In September, we have had a few meetings where we spoke about gossip and laziness. Both topics appeared to be actual for all of them because mostly they are talented, despite their intellectual and physical disabilities. However, often they don’t develop their abilities just because they are lazy to do or change something in their lives. Gossip is a huge problem of these children! They often talk about each other behind their backs and spread gossip. As a result, they constantly face betrayal and disappointment! Our task is to show the children God’s view of the problem and give them practical advice how to cope with laziness and avoid gossip, which is so unpleasant to God. Besides, we organized a relay race at one of the meeting for the children of different ages. We like sports very much because during such activities we can not only spend a good time with the children but also get to know their characters and notice their reaction to victory and loss. It helps us to see what we need to work on for the glory of God!

In September: “Smilovichi orphanage”

Posted: September 30, 2019 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Smilovichi

After summer holidays and camps our team has continued visiting the orphanage in Smilovochi. Now there are 4 children, 2 kids and 2 teenagers, who accepted us warmly and joined our meetings with pleasure. First we just had a talk with them, told about us and the way we knew God, He totally changed our lives and poured out His love in our hearts. The older guys were interested while listening our testimonies and became open-hearted telling about the difficulties they had to face with. These children grew up in a loving family in which their mother and father were occupied with their favorite activity – horse breeding and teaching children to ride these wonderful creatures. Yarik and Polina had had a plenty of joyful moments before their father left. Pain and disappointment were the only emotions they had and the mother became depressive and stopped caring about her children. Recently she had left them, moved to other country and now they are in the orphanage, forsaken and with broken hearts. Last week we had a topic “God exists” and to make it more interesting  we divided into 2 grou

ps according to their age. I was in charge of the older guys and obviously it was difficult for them to believe in God’s reality, they sat with their eyes watching down and later said that they didn’t believe in God ( If He existed their parents wouldn’t have left them and they wouldn’t be in the orphanage). While talking with them God provided me with His wisdom and reminded of the examples from my life, so I shared with them and saw some hope in their eyes. I’m glad to see the way God’s truth transforms children’s lives and makes them free from lies, and the Holy Spirit cures them from pain and hurt.

In September: “Vileyka orphanage”

Posted: September 30, 2019 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Vileyka

September is a traditional restart of the ministry. It is easy to notice how grown the children are. Seems like it’s a different school without those who graduated this year, but the meaning of Gospel and the necessity of this ministry for the kids with hard lives is the same. At the beginning of a school year we had a meeting to discuss fall season plans with volunteers. Our first trip to the orphanage this year was on the 6 September.  We prepared a program to be held in the concert hall for the whole school to remind everyone about our team. Unfortunately, when we came over we could not find the key for the hall even though we reminded the staff what time we were coming, but we decided to not waist time and started our program in the hall where  we were waiting- our songs, games and other  activities with the kids who came over to see us. Children were so happy to see us again ,and we were happy to hug and talk with them. That’s why our meeting was really warm and emotional. And at the end of the meeting the teacher who had the key was found. She was really sorry. During one of the meetings we had a conversation about life and their values with the children who will graduate in 2020. One of the was Dima Osipov. A good boy who is planning to study carpentry in Minsk.  He was opened and sincere when he shared about all stuff he did in his life (and he is not even 18 yet). It is visits to police officers, drinking alcohol, a criminal record for stealing something while being drunk. To be fair, he understands he was wrong doing that. When we asked him how he imagines his meeting with God one day, he said God will sort his good and bad deeds and depending on which ones prevail God will make a decision. We want to explain that because of Jesus we are already accepted and we don’t need to earn His favor. This is something that can change the soul. Every Thursday we have prayer evenings. We share our prayer needs in the chat so that everyone there could join us in prayer. We invite you to join us in prayer as well, to pray for the team and opportunities to visit the boarding school and for the children’s hearts to be touched by God.