In September: “Vileyka orphanage”

Posted: September 30, 2019 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Vileyka

September is a traditional restart of the ministry. It is easy to notice how grown the children are. Seems like it’s a different school without those who graduated this year, but the meaning of Gospel and the necessity of this ministry for the kids with hard lives is the same. At the beginning of a school year we had a meeting to discuss fall season plans with volunteers. Our first trip to the orphanage this year was on the 6 September.  We prepared a program to be held in the concert hall for the whole school to remind everyone about our team. Unfortunately, when we came over we could not find the key for the hall even though we reminded the staff what time we were coming, but we decided to not waist time and started our program in the hall where  we were waiting- our songs, games and other  activities with the kids who came over to see us. Children were so happy to see us again ,and we were happy to hug and talk with them. That’s why our meeting was really warm and emotional. And at the end of the meeting the teacher who had the key was found. She was really sorry. During one of the meetings we had a conversation about life and their values with the children who will graduate in 2020. One of the was Dima Osipov. A good boy who is planning to study carpentry in Minsk.  He was opened and sincere when he shared about all stuff he did in his life (and he is not even 18 yet). It is visits to police officers, drinking alcohol, a criminal record for stealing something while being drunk. To be fair, he understands he was wrong doing that. When we asked him how he imagines his meeting with God one day, he said God will sort his good and bad deeds and depending on which ones prevail God will make a decision. We want to explain that because of Jesus we are already accepted and we don’t need to earn His favor. This is something that can change the soul. Every Thursday we have prayer evenings. We share our prayer needs in the chat so that everyone there could join us in prayer. We invite you to join us in prayer as well, to pray for the team and opportunities to visit the boarding school and for the children’s hearts to be touched by God.


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