In September: “Smilovichi orphanage”

Posted: September 30, 2019 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Smilovichi

After summer holidays and camps our team has continued visiting the orphanage in Smilovochi. Now there are 4 children, 2 kids and 2 teenagers, who accepted us warmly and joined our meetings with pleasure. First we just had a talk with them, told about us and the way we knew God, He totally changed our lives and poured out His love in our hearts. The older guys were interested while listening our testimonies and became open-hearted telling about the difficulties they had to face with. These children grew up in a loving family in which their mother and father were occupied with their favorite activity – horse breeding and teaching children to ride these wonderful creatures. Yarik and Polina had had a plenty of joyful moments before their father left. Pain and disappointment were the only emotions they had and the mother became depressive and stopped caring about her children. Recently she had left them, moved to other country and now they are in the orphanage, forsaken and with broken hearts. Last week we had a topic “God exists” and to make it more interesting  we divided into 2 grou

ps according to their age. I was in charge of the older guys and obviously it was difficult for them to believe in God’s reality, they sat with their eyes watching down and later said that they didn’t believe in God ( If He existed their parents wouldn’t have left them and they wouldn’t be in the orphanage). While talking with them God provided me with His wisdom and reminded of the examples from my life, so I shared with them and saw some hope in their eyes. I’m glad to see the way God’s truth transforms children’s lives and makes them free from lies, and the Holy Spirit cures them from pain and hurt.

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