In October: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: October 30, 2019 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Rudensk

During this month I had сommunication with the older guys only. Usually we pray before our communion . Some of the guys like to dance, so they show us their dance performances. In order to support the guys, we try to memorise and show a few dance moves, which they use in their dance. Also Dima prepared for discussion such important topics as: gossip, loneliness, betrayal. He tried to convey these topics to the guys thoroughly and in detail. I’m particularly discussed with the guys the subject of insult .It is also a very important topic for them. To my mind during this month we had a good personal contact with the guys .For example several times one of the older guys, whose name is Ruslan, came up to me for advice. Ruslan has a friend. They had a first fight, as Ruslan broke his music speaker accidentally. But Ruslan had no money to pay for it, so he was very upset. First of all I advised him to ask for forgiveness, and then pay for this thing, if it’s possible. My advice appeared to be helpful for him. Th

en, next time Ruslan came up to me and said, that he can’t control anger when someone call him bad names and that he always has no patience. He also said that believers have never ups and downs and that they are always so patient and righteous. And cited Noah as the example. But I told him that in reality believers have difficult circumstances in their life and in most cases we can’t get through difficulties on our own. Only with Christ’s help and prayers we are able to go through life with dignity. I told him to spend more time praying and also to play sports and reach the set bars to develop patience. Also I’m encouraged that the kids are getting closer to us (maybe I’m being a little sensitive) at least those who come to the meetings

  1. Yegor T. says:

    Всем, привет!
    Очень рад слышать прекрасные новости – дети видят что вы другие, что вы терпиливые, добрые, не злитесь! Слава Богу! И очень здорово что они хотят быть такими как вы! Это прекрасно!!! Слава Богу!
    Вы уже обяснили Руслану что только с помощью Иисуса Христа мы можем останавливать наше плохие желания. Я думаю что в таких случаях как с Русланом, ещё очень важно обяъснить что у нас есть друг – Святой Дух, который всё время с нами и всё время помогает нам. И объяснить что Святой Дух готов и очень хочет помочь всем кто в молитве пакаяния обратиться к Иисусу Христу за помощью.
    Вы – молодцы!

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