In October:“Smilovichi orphanage”

Posted: October 31, 2019 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Smilovichi

During this month I had a great opportunity to visit children in Smilovichy orphanage. The first thing that’s especially pleasing is that the staff of the orphanage is very friendly and hospitable! They always provide us with classroomы for our meetings, also they collect themselves all the children and bring them to our meetings. For today, there are only four children in the orphanage. Each of them is unique, talented and communicative in his own way. Of course, at the very beginning it wasn’t easy to establish report with the guys, as they checked us out and didn’t want to let us get too close. And one of the girls tried with all her might show us that she wasn’t interested in and that she didn’t really want to hear about God and everything connected with Him. Sometimes she was insolent, she could interrupt us during Bible lessons, but at the same time this girl gave the best answers to the questions and memorized Bible lessons better than other children. For 2 months our communion these guys have become close to us. Today children become more and more open to us, they’re also ready to hear about God. They even try to think about what God does for them. Also I want to say a few words about two brothers – Artem and Arseny. They’re younger than other children, they are five and six years old. We feel that they have a great need of love, tenderness and parental embrace. Of coursе we are all want their birth family to recover, or if the boys will be

adopted, we hope that their adoptive family will be able to accept and love them sincerely! These boys are very kind, gentle and cheerful, despite all the situations that they’ve been through. When we play games, they don’t play each for himself, but they want to be both winner. If one starts to lose the other runs immediately to help him. And such a behavior doesn’t come naturally to orphans, especially when they are in the orphanage. There they go separate ways! I have been serving orphans for many years, but over the years I realise more and more that not only we teach them, introducing Heavenly Father to them, but God Himself works on our hearts through these kids. I want to encourage all partial christians to pray for all these kids go to families and also for Arseny and Artem remain loving, kind and thoughtful brothers who know God! All throughout October we told them about various God’s personality traits. The kids already know that God is The Creator, who created the earth and all that is in it. They also know that God is the bread of life and the light for everyone who walk in the darkness. At the last meeting of this month we told them that God is love and about Jesus Christ’s feat on Golgotha. We don’t know how long these kids will be in Smilovichy orphanage and how many meetings we will have with them, but we believe at the right time we or our brothers and sisters in Christ will reap the fruits from the word of God we have told the kids. Let this bring glory to God!


  1. Егор Т. says:

    Всем, привет!
    Прекрасные новости!!! Слава Богу что дети открывают свои сердца! Ты что вы делаете для них невозможно оценить – это бесценно! Эти знания, если они примут их всем сердцем, помогут им избежать множество боли в жизни и они обрет самого лущего друга, спутники, помощника и утешителя в этой жизни – Святого Духа!
    Вы – молодцы!

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