In November:“Smilovichi orphanage”

Posted: November 30, 2020 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Smilovichi

Hello!  Thanks God, we can visit orphans from Smilovichi.  We are glad that in spite of the global situation, God is opening people’s hearts. We have visited the orphanage four times this month.  Thank God for this opportunity! This month we were able to know more about Nastya and Yana.  Nastya attended church on holidays when she was at home.  Ones she asked us “Do you love God too?”  We said that we love Him very much!  She said that her mother does not believe in God and when she was presented with a children’s Bible, she burned it.  Nastya says she was very upset that she was left without a Bible.  When we heard about this, we brought the girls children’s Bibles.  The next Tuesday Nastya was able to tell the Bible stories that she have read.  Now she prays for her mother to stop drinking, and every time before going to bed she asks God for protection.  “I think that God is very strong and He likes it when I smile,” Nastya tells us.  I like Nastya for her sincerity and the fact that at the age of 9 she is looking for God.  It’s so cool!  Also in the orphanage there is Yana, she is 4 years old.  We know that she came from a very poor family and it is clear that there was no one to deal with Yana.  This is manifested in many ways.  She often tries to steal something, and when we say: “take it, this is for you,” Yana’s template collapses.  “It turns out you don’t need to steal it all for me;  pencils, coloring books,  candies ”!  We love to hug Yana and it is clear that she is not used to do it.  She wants a hug, but because of the past, she keeps Katya and me at a distance.  Also, when we brought things, we thought whether they would fit or not, because Yana is very small, but when they began to measure, everything suited her.  She was happy!  Yana did not have a hat and gloves.  Everything she came wearing was things that were either much larger or smaller.  A teacher came up to us and said that we were the answer to Yana’s needs.  I’m so glad God took care of the girls through our ministry!  Also one evening, we left Minsk, but due to traffic jams, we arrived at the orphanage 20 minutes later than usual.  The teachers were told that the girls were very worried and asked where are we. Yana said, “Maybe the snow queen kidnapped them?”  And Nastya says that she asked God to spend this evening with us. We have talked about Joseph this month. We have talked about betrayal, talked about God’s care, about forgiveness and how difficult it is to forgive.  But I’m so glad that God gives the strength to forgive!  Nastya said that she forgives mom and wants dad to come back, and mom to stop drinking.  She said she would pray for it.  Yana said that she wanted to join the family and wants to be loved and not scolded or beaten anymore.  We also had one creative activity this month.  Creativity helps girls to relax, switch from anxious thoughts, and do what they like.  And during creativity we remembered Joseph and then thanked God for His closeness and help. Brothers and sisters, thank you for your prayers for ministering to orphans!  Let’s pray that God will keep children safe from disease!  Let’s pray that the gospel will spread and change the hearts of children and caregivers!

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