In March: “Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: March 31, 2021 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Belinichy

The trips to the Belynichi orphanage continued this month as well and this trips give a great joy to our team and to the xkO6NRtC9EYchildren we visit!  Of course we keep the distance and mask mode, but this does not prevent us and the children from maintaining a spring mood and hjE9SWov19Ienjoying every minute spent together!  Thank God for the opportunity to be in this place and tell the good news! This month we have been talking about time.  During every meeting, we talked with the children about forgiveness and peace in relationship with God.  Of course, the most difficult thing for orphans is to forgive their parents.  Despite the age of the child and the time spent in the orphanage, the pain of memories, resentments and disappointments are still fresh.  Tto-5ZRUcwIEach of us understands that only God can completely heal and restore these children.  That is why we try to speak on such topics, despite all the complexity.  God works in the hearts of children and adults and there areFkx57eeld9A victories – there are those who were able to step over the barrier of unforgiveness and forgive their offenders, but there are those with whom we still have to work if God permits. A new girl, Julia, appeared at school, she is already a teenager and it is especially difficult to be in a orphanage at that age.  At first, the girl tried to stay aloof and did not make contact.  But within a month, she began to come closer and closer YrIfSsxUYeQand slowly, with very small steps she begins to open her heart and start to smile.  We hope that over the time we will be able to support Julia and introduce her to Heavenly Father, who heals any wounds and gives comfort and peace. We have allready spoke in our previous articles about taking a i7ErBL0T7nIbreak from trips to the orphanages.  Now it is very strongly felt that the children have had a reassessment of values and now they value every minute spent with us.  Even in the classroom, they try to behave better. This month I’ve managed to talk with Lesha and Igor.  Very soon they will be graduates who will live a new, independent life.  Lesha will still go to study as a builder, but Igor will go to a home for the disabled.  Both, already  adults, with tears in their eyes told me how difficult and scary it is for them to leave the school and how much they value every minute at school, in communication with their teachers, friends and our team.  We really hope that they will remember the word that we have sown in their lives and will remember that Heavenly Father is with them! Thanks to everyone who supports us financially and prayerfully, as well as everyone who is not indifferent to the destiny of orphans in our country!

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