In March: “Smilovichi orphanage”

Posted: March 31, 2021 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Smilovichi

We are glad to inform you that the doors to the boarding schools, and the Smilovichi’s orphanage are open for us, and JPHq3pvbmcgthey now allow more volunteers from the team to visit. We can see how lWkJwGbRJiQthe Lord answers our prayers, and we thank everyone who joins us in prayer for the salvation of orphans in Belarus. In the first week of March, we had a creative time with the children from the orphanage, and they were delighted. Together we made beautiful notebooks for school and personal notes, and most importantly, we taught the children to do useful and beautiful things with their own hands. Each of them was pleased that they were able to learn new skills, and show their talents. We then taught a Bible lesson on forgiveness, based on the New Testament story of the debtor and SvyWQZLTskMthe king who forgave him. This story is pertinent for each of them, because they refused to forgive due to the harm inflicted on them by their own families. 6RM1rnGTgd4Lisa asked: “How can I forgive my mother, who left us all for her friends? She chose alcohol and did not even apologize!” Each of them had questions about how to forgive them, if they don’t repent of their cruel ways. It was difficult to hear their stories, but we tried to direct their gaze to Jesus Christ, and His infinite power of forgiveness that He gave us on the cross. At the end of the lesson, we saw how the children’s faces brightened, and they said that they felt lighter (in their soul). There was another meeting, and the topic of the meeting was prayer. We gave the guys a question to think about. The question was: “Where do you think God does not hear us?” Some answered that in space, Ira said that in a cave. We were surprised by Diana’s answer, who is only 16 years old. She answered that God does not hear us after death, i.e, at the cemetery. It’s so great that they really think about God, about how He loves them, and that they understand that they need to pray now, and not let a single day pass by without communicating with their Loving Heavenly Father!)

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