In April: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: April 30, 2021 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Belinichy

April was very active for us. The trips to the children continued actively and were full of various activities. One of the Nbpc-XxoTBcbrightest events is the “bachelor party” and “bachelorette party”. I want to tell you more about the bachelorette party, for which we had prepared for a long time and carefully. The meeting took place over a tea party with sweets, which all P_20210401_193430_vHDR_On_pgirls enjoy so much. But in addition to pleasant fellowship over tea, we talked a lot and glorified God together with our singing. The main topic of conversation among girls: “True beauty”. We examined the components of external beauty, but we focused on our internal beauty. The girls actively participated in the conversation and asked -C10DR4uNacquestions. The example with a beautiful outside, but rotten, spoiled inside apple, they especially remembered. They confirmed that it is better to communicate with a not very pretty, but kind and sympathetic person than with a beautiful, but with an evil and spoiled heart and behavior. However, the most important point of the conversation was that without the relationships with God, without sKS7peDUv6kHis guidance in our lives, we can NEVER be truly beautiful inside ourselves, on our own, without His help. The girls agreed with this. In the end, we prayed for the girls and wished them to strive for the very true beauty that is possible only with God. In mid-April, 5R0F5FubIN8we also visited Yulia, a graduate student of the Belynichsky boarding school. She found herself in a difficult life situation – an unplanned pregnancy, difficult conditions for the life of the baby and Julia herself, and many other difficulties for which the girl was not ready. They grew apart with the child’s father. We came to her to support, encourage, give advice, show that she is not alone and we are ready to help. She was very glad to meet us! Another great event of this month was the festival program dedicated to the Easter. The children listened with interest, actively participated in the program and joyfully proclaimed: “Christ is risen! He has risen to the truth! ”, And at the end of the meeting, they accepted gifts with great pleasure! Thank God for the opportunity to be close to these guys and show them the beauty and love of our Lord!

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