In May “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: May 30, 2021 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Rudensk

jhtxPSNVqqcEvery year May delights people with bright, sunny weather, reviving and blooming nature and the sonorous singing of birds returning from the south. Usually, at this time of the year, children break out into the street and it is already much more difficult to gather them in the premises for any events. But this year, it rains almost all May in our country. Therefore, all our beloved guysAaSfNp9dcM0 come to our meetings and together with them we try to create a joyful and friendly atmosphere, support each other and learn to notice all the good that is in the life of each person. The older guys started to prepare for their final exams. Most of them share their experiences and thoughts about what awaits them after graduation, when they will be faced with an adult, independent life.

ogzRnq4GjLIIn our meetings, we talked about resentment, betrayal, as well as destructive anger and what to do and how to deal with negative emotions. It is interesting that all children are usually divided into those who completely deny the existence of certain in them and those who have already learned to admit their problems and look for ways to solve them. At one of the meetings, Katya conducted the topic: “Anger”. UW7ZG4KM99UThis topic is especially familiar to children living in boarding schools. It is very difficult for them, at times, to manage their emotions, and besides, from the very childhood they are deprived of affection and care from the dearest people and simply are not taught how to behave in emotionally difficult situations. Katya did not just talk about what “anger” is and c5-c4eJwQWswhat consequences it leads to, she gave a lot of practical advice on how to cope with anger and guided the children to solve this problem together with God, who can change a person’s heart and give consolation and peace. At the end of the conversation, a girl named Vika shared that she often faces the problem of anger and causes a lot of pain for herself and other people. Vika came forward and asked to pray that God would release her and help her change. Of course, we all supportedbmdPjNNdw1M Vicka’s decision and prayed with her. It seems to me that this is a vivid example of how the word of God works in children’s hearts. At the request of the older children, we held sports relay races in the last week of the month. In the Rudensky boarding school, the guys are very fond of sports and they participate in many competitions, both in our country and abroad. For our part, we try to take into account the requests of children and periodically organize sports events for them. This is also a great time when we can see how the characters of the guys are revealed and their ability to accept victories and defeats. Thank God for this great time!

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