In June: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: June 21, 2021 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Rudensk

Greetings, brothers and sisters! June flew by and we are glad that we could attend the Rudensky orphanage in June. We had three trips in June. But each trip was special, because those children finish their studies at school and the next stage in their life begins. Some hrMLyyW9kbM (1)of the graduates will immediately start working and usually as a farmer or a janitor. Those who have better grades and health will go to study. The most cherished dream for many is to go to school. Then there is a chance to get a better paying job. During the past month we have been talking about SXP2yDqm9Vofacing insults and being offended. Many children after graduation are faced with the fact that they are often being offended, and when they do not immediately succeed in what they do, bullying begins. We talked about how to forgive, how to cope with inner pain. xbPfubpzHqc

Resentment carries a destructive effect that brings destruction from within to the outside. And the key is forgiveness, and we can pour out all the pain to God. The next topic we’ve discussed is “gossip”. There are always a lot of rumors and speculation around orphans. We have highlighted this specifically so that the guys understand and are ready for the fact that different people will appear in their life and not everyone should be trusted at once. Gossip destroys the kids. We were visiting Nastya, 82xNN2Iv3ikwho graduated a few years ago. Nastya worked on the farm, looked after the calves. But then one calf died and Nastya was made guilty. People, who gossiped about her, gathered, and then accused her of negligence. After all, she is an orphan, which means that she is to blame! After all, no one will stand up for the orphan, which means that you can do anything you want to! And such 677T92Mivb0examples help to see how gossips are destructive in the lives of graduates. After all, in a boarding school among children it looks like a prank, but in real life it brings pain and suffering to the person. Also, another topic that we decided to raise is obscene words. Because of the wrong example, children allow obscenities into their lives. And then they wonder why there are so many problems in their life. After all, our words attract either success from God, or destruction. There were a lot of questions about how to restrain yourself from using swear words? “After all, a swear word is a reaction to pain or resentment,” the guys told us! Then we started saying that we sometimes can also experience pain, but our reaction is in our hands!xO6uTbebYDA We prayed that God would send freedom from bad words and give wisdom and strength when you are in difficult circumstances and a person provokes you. This school year was just incredible! There were all sorts of things, including the temporary closure of boarding schools due to the pandemic. The first visit to the children after the temporary quarantine was full of joy, laughter, hugs! And also the words that were especially memorable: “We don’t need gifts, we need you! We miss you very much”! All this suggests that we are like one family, which strives to raise, not lower a member of its family.

Friends, let’s pray that the graduates of the orphanage will get settled in their new places of work, so that their work team will be a blessing for the children. We also want graduates to find local churches and gain a foothold there. Thank you for your prayers and for being with us throughout the school year!

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