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In June: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: June 30, 2021 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Belinichy

The next academic year in the schools of our country has come to an end and the next stage of our service to orphans ELe6WZ5ZMDgas well! Summing up the results of this year, I would like to note that the children from the Belynichi orphanage school had a serious soul-searching. It was caused by our several months absence. Due to the pandemic we had to put on hold our trips to the guys. They missed us very much during this period vyX4g508mT4and a thirst for communication with us and God developed in their hearts. Therefore, the children became more obedient and concentrated during our Bible lessons. They began to value our meetings and new knowledge about God more. Also I would like to acknowledge the greatness and power of our Heavenly Father, who, despite the situation in the world, gave us the opportunity to constantly visit the children after a break and hold not only weekly meetings, but also holidays, such as Christmas and Easter! Thank God for this nKJPcMzH41k (1)opportunity! We said goodbye to the graduates. Very soon they will go to different cities to study and we believe and hope that the word sown will bear fruit at the right time. We really hope that every local church will be open tokVuKcBGsv9s (1) accepting these children into their homes and hearts! In June, we talked with the guys about swearing and gossiping, as well as about the terrible impact of both on the lives of people who swear or gossip. The children were impressed by both topics because these things are very common in orphanage schools, especially among high school students. Many of them considered such behavior and this kind of words to be the norm. And some thought that it makes them cool and emphasizes their independence. But we really wanted the guys rQhO5Ue63Owto stop cursing themselves and other people, thereby destroying their lives and the lives of those who are near them. Our goal is not to show children their shortcomings or humiliate them, but on the contrary,ELlFOp_Svng (1) to show them God’s view of the situation and give them a way out. We dream that every child will get freedom from sin and be with God! At one of the meetings young people from the local Belynich Church joined us. They prepared a small musical program and performed for the children. And at the end of the meeting they had personal conversation with children, which is always very valuable for orphans who are really short of love and attention. We were glad that the youth of the local church did their best to prepare a program for our children!

Thank you to everyone who reads us and supports us financially and with prayer!

In June: “Smilovichy orphanage”

Posted: June 30, 2021 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Smilovichi

Good afternoon, dear brothers and sisters! I’m happy to talk about what happened in June today! The Smilovichi OIS6RbR1J-worphanage has recently occupied a special place in my life. It seems to me that these children are becoming so close to us that not only they,X-B-qjfSwsM but also we  expect to meet them! Arseny and Artem are two brothers. They are very smart and cheerful. When we first met them, they spoke little, and if they did, it was somehow incomprehensible and funny. But these guys so often try to climb into my arms: “Dima, take me in your arms and circle!” It can be seen that they lack a man’s hand, as well as attention. “Can you hug me?” – such questions always evoke positive emotions! Recently, their father began to visit them. Mom is deprived of her rights, but sometimes she visits the children at the orphanage. But attention and affection, the boys still really do not have enough. 0YisGwsG0y8fchYnEyhPbcThis month we have reiterated on a simple level who God is and how He helps. I asked what to do when it is bad or scary. The guys shouted in eager rivalry: “Ask God for protection”! I see that the seed sown begins to set the direction, and now, in order not to happen, they will ask God for help. Together with them, we pray that God will send them to the family.  Diana is also at the shelter. Recently, Katya talked to her one-on-one. The fact is that Diana is 16 years old and she looks to the future with apprehension. Dad left mom and Diana, and mom met a boyfriend and practically did not deal with Diana, so she was taken to an orphanage. A lot of pain fills Diana’s heart. “Diana, what is the most difficult thing in your life?” – I asked while talking to her. “The most difficult thing is to forgive my dad and  mother”! Katya taught Diana tuEk3fm8lakto keep a diary in which she can pour out all her pain. The diary is like a prayer, when you recite everything that has accumulated inside you, you can ask to show God where He was in this situation. During our next meeting, Katya with Diana, wrote a letter to God. In this letter was written the most precious and intimate. “Do you think, Katya, God sees everything that we have written?” Katya said yes with confidence! It is so important to have in life a person who will show a way out in a difficult transitional age. Diana is going to study this year. QBpe5kJ5o1oShe dreams of becoming a programmer. She really likes mathematics. One of our acquaintances, when he found out that she liked mathematics, decided to donate textbooks for admission to this university. Thank God that He opens the hearts of people to help and give what will help with admission.! Diana will be admitted on July 20th. Let’s gDxosTAEISwpray for her that God will help her to enter the educational institution she dreams of!

Also Liza, Tima, Vanya, Irka, Matvey are now in the summer camp. They were sent from the shelter for recovery. During a conversation with the administration, we were told that after the camp, their dad should take them home. Now he has corrected everything that threatened the lives of the children in his house and now their house is safe. All these guys missed not only their dad, but also their favorite pets – cats and dogs!

Dear friends, thank you very much for praying with us and serving these children throughout the school year! Your work before God is not in vain! Blessings!