In February: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: February 28, 2022 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Belinichy

Hello, dear friends!

RWnY0T0wcBc0pWqdTXqSWoDespite any circumstances, God still gives us a wonderful opportunity to visit the children in the Belynichi orphanage! It is very inspiring that the administration of the orphanage is very open and let the children hear about God again and again! Of course, due to covid-2019 we have to wear face masks and keep the distance. This means that we hug the children less often but, despite this, our relationships get stronger. Both the children and we have reconsidered our values seriously and now we are using any opportunity just to be together and speak with them about God.  

kkMRj1DJiNwRWnY0T0wcBcThis month we were talking about Jesus Christ’s miracles. We were discussing such topics as ‘Friendship’ and ‘Faith and Doubt’ alongside. Sometimes, the children are so excited to see our team and they want our attention so much that the meeting place gets very noisy as they are full of emotions. Anyway, when the time for the Bible lesson comes, they calm down and listen to what we tell them. My greatest joy is to see that they have questions and try to make their own conclusions after listening to us!

nW0AkNdxNkAAt the moment there are more little kids in the orphanage. We are dreaming of a day when we can have separate meetings for them and will be able to serve them individually and give Bible lessons on their level. Now we gather the children of all ages together because of the limit on the number of visitors, that’s why we will be glad if you support us in your prayers for this problem!


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