In April: “Vileyka orphanage”

Posted: May 1, 2022 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Vileyka

In April our trips to Vileyka continued. The guys from this boarding school are always pleased with the IMG-25d4736fc265d78ec3ef1bed2453a3b9-Vway they prepare for our arrival. WhenIMG-937243a13b3bc69f439c4c6903f7570b-V we drive up to the school, several high school students usually meet us at the gate, then they open the door of the boarding school building, go for the keys to the assembly hall where our meetings take place, then arrange the equipment and chairs themselves. Usually, this is the place where we can just come, greet the guys and just start our program! This month, we celebrated Easter. Therefore, we dedicated one of the meetings to the holiday of the Resurrection of IMG-b9b5ddbc411ab4cd2d11c82d413fd7f5-VIMG-83499b8d46ffb208c89be2841c8bad56-VJesus Christ! It is very sad that most of the children associate Easter with Easter cakes, rabbits and eggs. Even though every year we try to tell them about what Jesus Christ did, we still have to repeat it all over again, because the society forgets more and more about the most important essence of this holiday. But we don’t give up! We talked with the guys about Christ and His feat again and again ! After the meeting, we had the opportunity to present gifts with hygiene items and sweets to the children. Special thanks to those who collected these gifts! The children were delighted!

IMG-cd20b05cc17a9b7780d81467e55f6f0e-VIn addition, this month we have completed a series of topics in Vileyka about the miracles of Jesus Christ. The children were especially impressed by the story of how four good friends brought their paralyzed friend through the roof to Jesus, who healed him!

Let’s hope that God will continue to work with children’s hearts and they will not only hear about God, but also let Him into their hearts, into their lives!

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