In May: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: May 30, 2022 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Belinichy

In May, we had a banana party – various active contests, the settings for which were bananas. For the IMG-1013ecc5ed5ec88b1992bd97fc2cbec8-Vgame, we invited older children – from IMG-3b58f5e9c2309ccbc7a246ba63cd053e-Vgrade 5, but everyone who was younger was also present in the hall as spectators. In general, the guys were delighted with such activity. But there were older guys, for example, boy Tolik, who did not want to participate immediately, said that they were not interested. We persuaded them to play with everyone and it was interesting to observe how they changed during the game – were very active, involved and rejoiced most of all! At the end of the game, both participants and viewers received a super prize – bananas, which also pleased the children!

IMG-2a388390151812d682fb215c6754856a-VIMG-e3b63ef72f1ba9bec175dc006718ed71-VThere were 2 trips to the graduates of the Belynichi boarding school. The first trip was to Bobruisk. We invited the guys to meet the youth church. Together they ate, played, talked about the significance of the church, that one cannot cope with difficulties at a time – on the example of other graduates (drugs, alcohol, etc.). In contrast to this, I tried to show the guys how interesting and full life of a believer. They invited the guys to come to church the next day for a Sunday meeting. Almost everyone came. We still talked, introduced them to the ministers and members of the church. They gave the guys gifts.

IMG_20220529_181444Q5gFQQmiZXQmmrLPWswL1RsC2PaPVCsGUKN8IJ8pvCQCuBR0IOPCt5Yyz7oxX7H29m0uXq-KV-J6GLxeRWg5vj7gThe second trip was in Mogilev. We met the guys there and took them to the camp base. Together they ate, played, sat by the fire and also discussed the topic of the importance of the church in life. Sang songs. We talked about their life. Many would like to come to Minsk to visit us. They also gave them gifts. This month we conducted a series of those about Daniel. They talked on his example about how important it is to love and trust God is the beginning of everything. The month turned out to be very active and rich!

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