In June: ”Belinichy orphanage”: Summer camp: “You’re Special.”

Posted: June 30, 2022 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Camps

This year’s summer camp was held in Belynichy boarding school, where children with special needs, IMG-2f843c41e18b439b8fe4c1fce58853a6-Vincluding children with Down syndrome, are located. There are 83 children in the school, 56 children were participating in the camp. Our camp was called:”You’re Special.” Our goal was to plant the acceptance of themselves as the Lord created them into the heart of every child, as well as to help them reconcile with God and find a relationship with their Father, getting rid of the aftermath of IMG_20220618_170618orphanhood and self-dislike forever. We have been coming to this boarding school for 17 years, conducting Bible lessons, helping children develop their talents and gifts, teaching them to overcome bad habits and build their life on the Word of God. Conducting a camp on the school grounds gave us the opportunity to surround each child with love, care and be an example for them of how believers live and act for 10 days. IMG-1326e2b38459bc892d65736759a86acf-VOn the first day, we shared the theme of the camp and asked the children if they concidered themselves special and what it meant to them. The children unanimously answered that they are specia because of particular diseases and various deviations in physical development that they have. It was painful to hear, and we could hardly hold back tears of compassion, but it gave us confidence that we could help them change and learn the truth about themselves and about our Creator. When we held Bible lessons, we took as an example the heroes of theIMG-8150f76d62e6917e87b707ba4dad3197-V Bible who were also without parents, unloved, betrayed, humiliated, but they dedicated their lives to God and accepted by Him, to whom God entrusted great deeds and their names are recorded in the Bible and in history. One of the days we devoted to the importance of forgiveness. IMG_20220625_111910We shared our testimonies, how we forgave those who offended and even those who did not ask for forgiveness. They said that forgiving makes it easier for us and thus we become more like Jesus Christ, who never kept a grudge. One of the girls, Anya, said that she was able to forgive her parents and stopped being angry at people and even began to sleep better, stopped worrying. Tanya said that she was very angry with God for being born without an ear and having hearing problems with theIMG-d9e8cf0f309f33684f09db302feda9f6-Vsecond one as well. She asked God for forgiveness for her grudges and anger and began to read the Bible to find out what God is like and how much He loves her. At all evening meetings, we talked about how each of us was wonderfully created by God and the verse that was the most IMG_20220625_192234influential was Isaiah 49:15 “Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has borne? Though she may forget, I will not forget you!”. We discussing that they are not a mistake and God will not leave each of them. We taught them to pray and talk about their experiences, pain and fears to God. Even children with Down syndrome (who could not speak) began to cross themselves during prayer, with such gestures they showed their prayer.

IMG_20220619_094755Also, throughout the camp, we prayed for the children. We prayed that God would free them from fears and nightmares, give them freedom from addictions, for physical and emotional healing, as well as for their future. It was nice to hear from the children themselves that many of them have started sleeping well at night, that they do not experience negative emotions and obsessive thoughts, and most importantly – they are trying to trust God! IMG-c4f7bc0f88c34946a17f538226b08fae-VAs well as Bible lessons we held sports games, which were mainly targeted the ability to work in a team, where everyone is important, and mutual assistance and the ability to support each other are needed to win. At first it was difficult for them and the guys quarreled with each other. Those who were stronger did not help the weak, but after a couple of days each team really became united. Everyone who were a bit stronger, helped the others the most, encouraged each other and, of course, won! At the end of the camp, the teachers told us that they were watching us and IMG-c1198c74d396d7eef1c2e3e7f0d32d02-Vseeing that love and care for all children, they can say with confidence that we are believers not only by what we say, but also by what we do! We were grateful to God for having an opportunity to be a good example for people! At the last evening meeting there was a call to repentance. God filled the atmosphere in the hall with His love so much so, that even the most IMG-75aa56dcd7e9e6c962b89005aaa983ec-Vreserved guys hugged each other and us, and also sang loudly, praising the Heavenly Father! About 25 children that evening prayed a prayer of repentance, for which we are very grateful to God and to all those who supported us through prayer! And the end of the camp we had our traditional “Birthday Celebration Day”, where we were able to congratulate all the children at the same time, regardless of the season and date of their birth. In addition to birthday cakes, the children were able to receive great gifts that gave each child a lot of positive emotions!

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