In September: “Vileyka orphanage”

Posted: September 30, 2022 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Vileyka

The first trip to the boarding school excited the whole team! We thought how to make the guys who JQX5mWfBpy8come to our meeting feel at home. Then it was decided to buy cakes, fruits and sit in an informal setting and chat with the guys. We did not know who came to us, because after summer, many graduates left the boarding school, and the other part of the guys was in different state camps. But Friday came we visited Vileysky 59I-mF-UOP0boarding school. Already on the threshold we were expected by children. They said that they were waiting for our arrival. We gathered in the assembly hall, placed chairs, tables and distributed treats. We created family atmosphere. And they began their communication with the fact that everyone ate and drank, because only for the holidays the guys eat cakes. “What’s the bT_HYwoZLnYcelebration?” – asked Sasha. “We celebrate the beginning of our trips to you, as well as the beginning of the school year. But also, let’s remember who had a birthday recently. ” The guys said when they had a birthday, and we congratulated them and ate a cake. Together we joked a lot, laughed and, each of the guys told how his summer passed. There were about thirty children and then the younger guys came up and joined us. Denis said that in the first summer he saw how baby chiks are sleeping, how they are pressed against each other to warm up. It was so cute to see little Denis and how it delighted him! When we arrived another time, we gathered the guys in the gym andfDYidv-j5eI conducted relay races for them to unite the guys. After all, when we want to win, we have to work in the team! Despite the age difference and academic performance, the guys tried to rely on each other. In general, in all boarding schools there are difficulties with this, since children are used to surviving and relying only on themselves. Because of this, of course, X2Pm0ssCzBcthere were difficulties at the beginning of the relay! But we did not give up and constantly talked about how important it is to learn to listen in order to fulfill the task, as well as be able to insure children who are weaker. Even in life it is important! In the middle of the game, seeing that one team is an order of magnitude stronger, we changed some guys. It was like this: everyone stood in a line and every second passed from one team to another. We talked about the fact that it happens in life – we meet with people, but time passes and, they are replaced by others that we may not really like, and maybe even weaker9qDJJ9GlG9c than the previous ones. But we must learn to live and understand that it will not always be the way we wish. Disappointment and joy were replaced by each other. Later, we talked with the guys that these games show us our strengths and weaknesses, as well as how important it is to learn how to notice what it turns out and what is not. All this is needed to s-qPzB6-4f0avoid problems in the future! The teacher, who saw everything that is happening said: “Thank you very much that you help us to form the right values ​​and installations in the life of the guys”! Also, this month we started a series of talks “You are special.” The first topic was called “You are special.” The fact is that the guys are in a specialized school, namely because of the development of speech. Many guys speak poorly and slurred, stutter, and some children are behind development. We want to show this series by the fact that they are unique. People, even peers, often strengthen their attention on the shortcomings of others, although they themselves have these shortcomings. We raise self -esteem saying that they are special, that they are not superfluous in this world and that God himself created them. One boy asked: “If I am special, then why do I have so many problems”? It is difficult to give the answer to the question “why” … But from the conversation further, it followed that the parents often drank and did not particularly look after him, so it all happened. Sin is an enemy of a person who is aimed at destroying and humiliation of people, children. We each other’s shortcomings. We are all different, but God loves us all. The younger guys began to ask: “And God loves me and me..”? “Yes, God loves you all”! It is nice to see the changes in children and that they have become even closer to understanding God!

Friends, thank you very much for your prayers, they are very important and needed now!

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