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In May: “Vileyka orphanage”

Posted: May 31, 2022 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Vileyka

The study year has eventually come to its end, so it means that another season of our ministry in Vileyka zGGxRbsI848has also finished. Unfortunately, we had fewer trips to yskErGmPCDothis orphanage because of COVID-19 and many other circumstances. However, despite all this our relationships with the children weren’t destroyed. Vice versa, a lot of children changed their values and started to appreciate our meetings more and at the end of the year everyone tried to invite their friends. That’s why we met some of the children not long ago but we really hope that we will have an opportunity to visit the orphanage in Vileyka in September and our relationship will become stronger and stronger!

IMG-eb4c4c63f3419f47f6b523ee33771656-VYVXEBAKyrlmdYkJDcjM7CuMn0yEZ1qCdlTQCl9gfjiC9xwIcipRTaCYdStjX7aO02VjAdvpE_cRkSv9IlawGvW49According to our tradition, we’ve already said good-bye to the graduates, exchanged our phone numbers hoping that in the future we will be able to keep in touch. Pavel is one of the graduates. He is quite shy and reserved in communication but at the same time he faithfully attended our meetings and brought his friends there. When I asked him what profession he would like to get, he said that he was dreaming of becoming a programmer, but he wouldn’t even try to get there because he was afraid in advance that he wouldn’t be able to cope with studies. To be honest, his mood made me a bit upset, because I could clearly see that he doesn’t know how to dream, set goals and strive to achieve them. But the biggest problem is the fear to fail and be rejected. We had a long conversation and mentioned that God can make a person free from fears, lack of confidence, and give hope that people need so much. I hope that this talk wasn’t fruitless and Pavel will try to get the education of his dream! At the moment, I am trying to stay in touch with Pavel and I would really like to find a local church that will be able to accept, support and direct him during hard moments in his life! We are thankful to everyone who is praying with us for the orphan ministry and especially for the graduates who are entering adult life!

In May: “Smilovichy orphanage”

Posted: May 31, 2022 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Smilovichi

We have resumed our trips to Smilovichy asylum in May. There were no children for three months as all of 5tbP32ODEQDi3FREnsD0NutW6Qdvf4A23IXJwR_8RLQkbqaMbu6yx_M3AMWIAQhyGz0B6pPsmExcowmW1hZ-3Qgbthem were placed in families what made us really happy. However, in May one young girl called Nika came to stay at the asylum. She is 17 and has been experiencing difficult life situation. She is psychologically and emotionally challenged and is going throughZB_MudG2fi4Y_DvFRWha5iM1em7QAI7GT4rsOtqvF8_fWyltvIEfTJAFwI0mQgHvqw8K59g-fISmUotDjgatOcU1 a stormy teenage period. Nika is harboring an enormous amount of wounds, fears and rejection. Since early childhood she was left by her parents and she was raised by her granny. Every effort she made to make up with her parents was futile and each time she saw one of her parents, she was hurt again and again what only exacerbated her feeling of rejection and not wanting to live. This all brought Nika to alcohol addiction and several suicide attempts. After those incidents, she was expelled from school and sent to 7jqb3RtCayOhDbFEfpd5srj-D3cf0i502vtXAe1QYvnUZTYCQJfkGXqrs3L0gDtjps2kkvGIJcdItx6DYYgjIUVcthe asylum as her granny, who is now very elderly and has health issues, can no longer take care after Nika. We cannot disclose more personal information about this girl, but we think that from what already has been said you can imagine how hard it is for her. Frankly speaking, we were really concerned with whether our first meeting with Nika will go well and if she was going to be open to hear rlp2n1o_a9bVt1xioETCzpmLMQbx2nTYvCyaKgIg_QB_yKbS6jiBx3blheeiSLDQ1mA1mKpAYorwSqDGnp5Bw86Pabout God. At first, indeed, we had to make some effort to build up a dialogue as the girl didn’t fully understand why we came and tried to distance herself. However, one of our girls called Vera managed to melt Nika’s heart. Vera is 6 and she is one of team member’s daughter. For some reason she fell for Nika and was hugging her, sharing candy and trying to engage Nika in our program. For example, when we were speaking about the creation of the world and were reproducing the yyBzsg5bvrMQTkCykTneMnkYWIi5ObRA4VuUlkZ1jXSOgponEEAwN1hanpkUTO_p1OySkFRrYvBT6f9Kpb_1U1rQgarden of Eden with pictures, Nika became very skeptical but then Vera approached her and said: “Here, take the giraffe and find a place for him”. And then Nika smiled and took the giraffe while Vera was hugging her so that Nika almost cried. This is when she was becoming more open, step by step. Vera brought candy with her to the next meeting which she bought with her own pocket money that she had saved in her piggy bank. Vera gave the candy to Nika saying: “I love you”. And Nika began to cry saying that nobody told her those words before. Since that moment it seemed that her heart has melted and she began to share her life story and share her feelings and fears. And when we began to talk about God and His Love to people, Nika burst into tears. With each new meeting she was opening more and more and getting more engaged in our activities. Praise the Lord!

In May: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: May 30, 2022 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Belinichy

In May, we had a banana party – various active contests, the settings for which were bananas. For the IMG-1013ecc5ed5ec88b1992bd97fc2cbec8-Vgame, we invited older children – from IMG-3b58f5e9c2309ccbc7a246ba63cd053e-Vgrade 5, but everyone who was younger was also present in the hall as spectators. In general, the guys were delighted with such activity. But there were older guys, for example, boy Tolik, who did not want to participate immediately, said that they were not interested. We persuaded them to play with everyone and it was interesting to observe how they changed during the game – were very active, involved and rejoiced most of all! At the end of the game, both participants and viewers received a super prize – bananas, which also pleased the children!

IMG-2a388390151812d682fb215c6754856a-VIMG-e3b63ef72f1ba9bec175dc006718ed71-VThere were 2 trips to the graduates of the Belynichi boarding school. The first trip was to Bobruisk. We invited the guys to meet the youth church. Together they ate, played, talked about the significance of the church, that one cannot cope with difficulties at a time – on the example of other graduates (drugs, alcohol, etc.). In contrast to this, I tried to show the guys how interesting and full life of a believer. They invited the guys to come to church the next day for a Sunday meeting. Almost everyone came. We still talked, introduced them to the ministers and members of the church. They gave the guys gifts.

IMG_20220529_181444Q5gFQQmiZXQmmrLPWswL1RsC2PaPVCsGUKN8IJ8pvCQCuBR0IOPCt5Yyz7oxX7H29m0uXq-KV-J6GLxeRWg5vj7gThe second trip was in Mogilev. We met the guys there and took them to the camp base. Together they ate, played, sat by the fire and also discussed the topic of the importance of the church in life. Sang songs. We talked about their life. Many would like to come to Minsk to visit us. They also gave them gifts. This month we conducted a series of those about Daniel. They talked on his example about how important it is to love and trust God is the beginning of everything. The month turned out to be very active and rich!

In April: “Vileyka orphanage”

Posted: May 1, 2022 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Vileyka

In April our trips to Vileyka continued. The guys from this boarding school are always pleased with the IMG-25d4736fc265d78ec3ef1bed2453a3b9-Vway they prepare for our arrival. WhenIMG-937243a13b3bc69f439c4c6903f7570b-V we drive up to the school, several high school students usually meet us at the gate, then they open the door of the boarding school building, go for the keys to the assembly hall where our meetings take place, then arrange the equipment and chairs themselves. Usually, this is the place where we can just come, greet the guys and just start our program! This month, we celebrated Easter. Therefore, we dedicated one of the meetings to the holiday of the Resurrection of IMG-b9b5ddbc411ab4cd2d11c82d413fd7f5-VIMG-83499b8d46ffb208c89be2841c8bad56-VJesus Christ! It is very sad that most of the children associate Easter with Easter cakes, rabbits and eggs. Even though every year we try to tell them about what Jesus Christ did, we still have to repeat it all over again, because the society forgets more and more about the most important essence of this holiday. But we don’t give up! We talked with the guys about Christ and His feat again and again ! After the meeting, we had the opportunity to present gifts with hygiene items and sweets to the children. Special thanks to those who collected these gifts! The children were delighted!

IMG-cd20b05cc17a9b7780d81467e55f6f0e-VIn addition, this month we have completed a series of topics in Vileyka about the miracles of Jesus Christ. The children were especially impressed by the story of how four good friends brought their paralyzed friend through the roof to Jesus, who healed him!

Let’s hope that God will continue to work with children’s hearts and they will not only hear about God, but also let Him into their hearts, into their lives!